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Income Support to ESA?

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My son aged 33 has severe learning difficulties, highest care DLA, in Supported Living. I'm his appointee. He is currently on Income support, with additions for disability, severe disability and Severe Disablement Allowance. At a meeting with social services this week, it was suggested that I apply to have ESA instead, as he'd be better off. The last few months have been very "eventful" so I haven't kept up with the changes to ESA. I would like to hear from anyone else, especially involved with learning difficulties, to find out the pitfalls and pleasures of ESA. I am aware of the helpline, and will contact them in due course; but for now I'd like to hear from anyone with practical experience, especially which group they were put in - work related or support.
Hi Bowlingbun
My son doesn't have learning difficulties - he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy- but we just received the letter this morning awarding him contributory based ESA and he has been put into the support group.

He (well me really but we did it together) filled in the 20 page formabout 2 or 3 months ago but when I worked it out he should have got at least 15 points for each descriptor so I would have been surprised if he hadn't got it but you always worry especially after reading of the man in the coma who was assessed by ATOS as "fit to work".

Thanks for your reply. Did you apply for the form, or is it part of a rolling programme to put everyone on ESA? Did the amount you receive increase? Please don't tell me the exact amount or I might get into trouble again!
It was part of the rolling programme - they actually sent us two forms from two different places - one from ATOs and one from the DWP. I returned the DWP one - I didn't want ATOS getting their grubby paws anywhere near my son -he has enought to cope with! Regarding the amount they gave him the top up so that he won't be worse off at the moment but this amount will not rise when other benefits rise or so the letter says.

Thanks for the information.
We have just been the ESA route for hubby. He was placed in support group, no medical and next review date 2014.
Hi Bowlinbun,

My wife has recently jumped through the ESA hoops. Whilst she doesn't have learning difficulties. She found the process somewhat stressfull, read through the form a few times before you start answering the questions.

Some / many of the questions are stupid. But, remember to put your sons bad, bad day(s) down on the form. Not the average day. Speak to your sons doctor and other medical professionals that your son has dealings with. Get as much evidence together as possible to support your sons claim.

Then your son will either be called in for a medical exam or be put in the ESA support group.

My wifes disability meant that she was put into the ESA Support group. Have no experience of medical exam.

My wife then got a P45, although no covering letter from HRMC. Which upset her as she thought that she was going to loose her benifits.

If your son is awarded ESA from IC, then be aware that the payment date will change.


Thanks John.