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Raw meat-any advice? Sorry, bit yukky - Carers UK Forum

Raw meat-any advice? Sorry, bit yukky

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While I was writing a post elsewhere on the forum daughter has been on the toilet in the bathroom...she said she had an upset tum.

She has indeed but then she also vomited violently all over the floor, up the wall, over the towels..every bloody where. She has never vomited in her life.

I now know that idiot family member has left the fridge unlocked and she has consumed a battenburg cake and half a packet of raw bacon.

I have looked on the net quickly and have seen that apparently this type of meat is not necessarily harmful, does anyone know anything?

I just cannot face a call to NHS Direct trying to explain. Image

PS. Looks like she has vomited it all up so I don't think there is anything left in her tummy.
she should be fine,bacon is not actually raw it's cured with salt, so the salt should have thrown it back and the salt takes it fom a truly raw state that's why it lasts forever because of lack of bacterium,malc
Malc you have put my mind at rest, thanks so much. Image

She seems fine now but I shall obviously keep an eye on her this evening.
Hi Ladybird, oh yuk!!! I hate cleaning up sick.

I thought bacon was cured and therefore not really raw? To eat lots would be very undigestible and fatty and would surely sit in the stomach. No wonder she brought it all up!! I'd keep her well hydrated and monitor her closely.

If she is sick again - make the guilty family member clear it up!!


Malc, posted same time as me ... he is of similiar opinion.
The guily family member DID clear it up! I handed her the mop bucket and a bottle of Dettol and told her be sure to lock the fridge next time. Image

Yes, of course you and Malc are right, it was just panic on my part. I am one of those meat eaters that likes their meat cooked to near cremation anything less than well done makes me squirm.

Seeing as I'm among friends..I must admit to a certain amount of satisfaction seeing daughter's face after being ill, pure shock is the best way to describe it! like I said, this has never happened before in 21 years and we (and her doctors) assumed that she was not able to physically be sick.

Maybe it will be an experience that she won't be too keen to repeat so if the opportunity peresents itself for something horrible to eat, she will leave well alone!
Hope she feels better soon though.
Sensible advice. Hope she's feeling better soon. x x
Ladybird, I wonder if it will put her off bacon??? (be interesting to see whether experience or PW wins the vote.)

Wow, that's a first ! Must have been frightening for you all. My DD has never been sick either,not even as a baby and must admit,I'd have been off to A+E .Went there once when she had a bad tummy upset and her skin turned lilac ,then a red rash appeared- after eating out.Possibly allergic reaction or food poisoning,never did find out.I wondered which caused the sickness - the sheer volume of what she ate or the fat in the meat? Hope it's one or the other,Ladybird.
21 years and never been sick! Thats great I wish all us lot in this house were like that as I hate anyone being sick, I dread Sarah picking up bugs at school and am ashamed to say if shes sick I send her to Mums!

Your poor girl I bet she wondered what was happening to her.