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I now have a book and key for access to toilets for the disabled. Has anyone used these before? My wife is very "fastidious" regarding ablutions. What I',m trying to get at is - if she needs to go, will these toilets be decent, ie clean etc. Considering that you can only get in using the RADAR key!!

Me - I coudn't give a damn, but then again I'm not a woman - well not the last time I looked!!

toilets be decent, ie clean
Yes they are on the East Coast at least.

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Disabled toilets BEWARE in our area there is a bit of a CRAZE re toilets for the disabled
always check the emergency cord as the BAD LADS are now tying the alarm cord to the toilet seat and when you lower the seat the alarm goes off

you have been warned

My wife as a Radar key and also a (Amcare card) which as printed on it Please let the holder of this card who has a medical condition use your toilet facilities (ie) if in shop's that don't have public toilets.

John, where can we get the card from?I have been caught short with Ben once or twice,and shop assistants have said he cannot use their toilets. If he needs to go when he is away from home, then it is truly an emergency, so I would appreciate one of those cards for that sort of use. (I have never gone back into the shops that said no, out of principle).

We do have a radar key, but it is very rare that it gets used.
We have a Radar key for Jill. Mostly the toilets are very well maintained. Some pubs have them and we've found these not so good, but OK. Some pub toilets have lighting system that goes off after a few minutes, leaving you in pitch darkness!! Just wave your arms and the sensor puts the lights back on again. Can be a bit of a pain Image

I always have a pack of antibacterial toilet wipes in my bag to have a quick wipedown before my daughter uses any public toilet.
Often there is old spilt pee left dried up on the lid or bowl and I dont want my daughter sitting on a dirty surface.
Just for the record, Marks and Spencers are brilliant in their cleanliness and space in their disabled toilets.
We always try to use them when we are out.
I always have babywipes and hand gel in my bag, also tissues, so if we use a Radar facility I can have a quick clean round the loo before use.

New disabled facility in Golspie is spacious and kept clean, however the door is so heavy I struggle to pull it open. A lone person in a wheelchair would have no hope of doing so.

Take care