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Hi Eva,

Its surprising just how much info we can find.At one time, a doctor prescribed something and that was it,we never really asked questions.Families are aware more now though of side affects of medicines and do their own research.Although we cant always interpret findings ourselves ,it can give us a platform from which to ask a doctor to explain more.
If my mam was prescribed something I always had a mental list ready...
Why was it being given?
How will it help mam?
Will it have side affects?
Will it interact with other medications? and so on.

Its us who has to cope with any after affects and therefore we need advised as much as possible about new medicines being introduced to a loved one.

I hope your dad improves and that you and your mam find strength from each other to see you through this.You know where we all are if you need a shoulder to lean on.Keep us posted when you can please.

Be strong
x x x x
My husband has just been put on this drug well 4 weeks there is no change in him only he wants to sleep all the time. He is only on 25mg but he is also on other medication for seizures (he has early onset dementia) but has got a lot worse since his seizure. The seizure drug makes him sleepy as well but he gets it at night. I have had a lot of concerns about giving him it with what it says if you have had seizure.
Hi Rosemary and Pandaeyes
Its obviously the right drug for some people isnt it and this is good news . Its helpful to hear what others say about it. Perhaps the geriatrician will throw some light on dads probs soon.
Hello too WildTHING sorry you got me ranting on . Have stopped throwing the rattle from my pram now and am gonna sleep instead
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Hi all ,
Consultant saw dad yesterday ,at home, says he has definitly had a bad reaction to quetiapine and therefore unlikely to benefit from any other antipsychotic/neuroleptic drugs.
Dad much better as drugs coming out of his system, played with my son yesterday and got a basket ball in the net twice. So different from two weeks ago when he could hardly move or speak and we had to feed and wash him.
Consultant absolutely superb very approachable and fantastic with dad, respectful and sympathetic to symptoms etc and dad responded well to him. Also took on board all mum said too.........what a relief! Feel that they will be ok with this guy looking after things. He suggests an antidepressant.
Suspects dad may have a certain type of Dementia which is always sensitive to neuroleptic drugs.....maybe Lewy Body.
FDA WARNING on all neuroleptics/antipsychotic for LEWY BODY DEMENTIA. Will ask hubby to show me how to do the link when he gets in.
Thanks one and all for all your support .
Have noted Lewy Body Thread which may be helpful in future.
regards to all Eva Rebecca.
Great news Eva,you can read the relief in your posting.

I hope your dad continues to improve and look forward to you keeping us up to date.

Dont forget though,you and mam can give yourselves a pat on the back too.You have seen this through in order to help your dad.Hes lucky to have you both loving and caring for him.

Take care
x x
Well i spoke too soon. Husband went aggressive even though quetiapine was increased. He is now in hospital, but been told he is doing better now and not aggresive. Not sure how long he will be in so will see when i get him back home.
Hello Pandaeyes,
Sorry to hear your news. I hope that the ward reports of your husbands improvement continues and that they can sort things out for him and you . Keep us up to date so we can continue to support you.
Eva Rebbecca
Hi pandaeyes .
Hope you are ok . Have not heard from you lately .Will search other threads to see if you are on the site somewhere else.
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