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Hi , I am new to the boards today and wondered if there is anyone out there with experience of the drug Quetiapine. My dad has just started it but it is making him distressed. Gp encourages perseverence . Any thoughts from any of you familiar with this would be much appreciated.
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Morning Eva,

First of all welcome to the forum which I hope you will find useful.
You dont say the reason why your dad was prescribed this drug and as many can be prescribed for different reasons it was hard to try find some advice for you.

Help the Aged forum has had a thread on this pill running from 21-Feb to 16-April.The link as follows.... ... d=10&gl=uk

It may be worth you posting there too to try get some peoples own personal experience of this.

In the meantime keep posting so we can get to know you more and in turn you get to know us.Regardless of whether we have experience similar to your own,we can still provide you with support should you feel you need some.

Chin up
Thanks Rosemary for your welcome,
Have looked at the thread you recommended.Its just a bit of a waiting game to see if the drug will work for him. I know this is is not an exact science and different things suit different people but how long to wait is difficult to judge. My mum is main carer so I suppose its how long she can bear it. Mind you it isnt fair to see him in so much distress if the drug is bringing it on. We have decided to see the CPN and ask her advice as there are other meds that can be used. Quetiapine apparently has no research based evidence to support its use in Alzheimers disease. So we will have to see how it goes.
He seems to have a heightened sensitivity to ordinary household noises and seems disturbed by them. (Just mention this in case it happens to anyone else)
I love my dad he is so brave and I am so frustrated that I cannot live closer so that I can help out more.Finding the balance between acceptance of the condition and doing something about it is a juggling act. My mum is doing so well and I admire her very much he could not be in a better place.
Thank God for Carers.
Chinny chin still up.
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Hi Eva

Nice to 'meet' you.

My mother suffers from a form of dementia and she also take quetiapine. We were quite lucky and it was one of the few drugs she took to quite well. I must stress this drug has worked wonders for us although i did feel guilty taking her friends away that she had made up it was a blessing that it took the demons aways to.

The only thing i will say is that although my mam does have an agressive form of dementia in 6 months we have increased from 25mg to 150mg but hey if it helps keep her calm then so be it.

The main problem as the dose increases is tiredness as most alzheimer and dementia drugs cause this anyway this can enhance it.

Good luck I hope your dad gets over it without to many probs.

Love Dexter
Hi Dexter,
Thanks so much for that little nugget. So helpful and encouraging.
Apparently dad had a better day yesterday and mum thinks hes coming through the worst of it. So maybe the GP was right and he just needs time and patience for it to do the trick.
Glad to hear it was the right thing for your mum . We have noticed the tiredness thing with dad but hey if it takes away the anguish then thats got to be a good thing as you say.
All the best with your mum will keep you posted .
Cheers Eva R.
Hi every one.
Dad still not too good on new pills. Speaking in whisper hardly discernible. Off his food, a little stiff. Wont/cant sit down.Getting more cold. Back to gp tomorrow as we think side effects are kicking in big time.
Will chat again soon.
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Hi there me again,
Gp stopped quetiapine as it has effected dads swallowing and he has lost half stone in weight now. Just have to wait now to see if he improves or whether it is a real deterioration rather than the drug as a cause.
Hello Eva

Thanks for updating us. I hope now that your Dad has come of the drug that he improves and can get his weight stable. Please keep us posted!

Take care
Maryann x
have you tried typing the name of the drug in to Google it may well be known under another name THIS is what I found on the wikipedia site about the drug
I know quite a bit about this flippin pill now. Have googled endlessly searching for something but apart from the fact that it increases the death rate in pts with alzheimers (minor issue I know) there isnt anything apart from a nursing home study that says it potentiates the effects of alzheimers in some pts. It causes weight gain NOT LOSS says gp, dad has lost weight but it also causes swallowing probs in folk with alzheimers so I guess that would make them lose weight wouldnt it ,as eating is difficult if you have trouble swallowing Mr GP..... Not rocket science is it! Dad dosnt know what to do with the food in his mouth and chokes a little ....thats why his weight is off. I think they only show the studies that are pro the drug! There are loads of them. Access denied to others...paranoia mounting rapidly.
Mum has gone into full blown nursing mode. Pads ordered over net. DN cant make it til next week. Psych geriatrician doing home visit next week....hopefully that will help things a bit and he can recomend something else.........RANT OVER. Image
Thank you all for listening to me and for all your suggestions.
A problem shared ......