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Question about grants. - Carers UK Forum

Question about grants.

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Sorry of this is in the wrong place, I wasn't sure what section to post in.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any grants available for my mum to be able to get a new bed?

She's claims DLA, high rate, and also gets her state pension. But since I don't 'work' (I hate using that word, since it seems like I'm saying caring for someone isn't hard work) and my only income is carers allowance her DLA stays in the bank to pay the house hold bills, and her pension and my carers allowance go towards shopping, clothing etc. Which means there's just no way we can afford new beds.

We've never claimed any grants or anything before so it's all a bit confusing to me, what she would be able to claim and what she wouldn't. But since she's in desperate need of a new mattress I thought I'd look into it.

I'm hoping someone would be able to give me some advice.

Thanks for reading.
Do you have any contact with the District nurses or Occupational Therapy Dept. at your local hospital ? They were brilliant when my OH needed a specialist bed and mattress so that he could be got out of it easily without straining my back so much and we didn't have to pay anything, it was 'on loan' for as long as he needed it. If not maybe your Mum's GP may be able to help by referring you to them. Best of luck Image

Thanks for the reply.

No we have no contact with those. I have asked the GP, who referred us to the adult social social services, they sent someone out to access her needs and said all they could do was give her one of the life line machines, you know the ones where she had a pendant around her neck with a button for emergencies, and maybe a stair lift. Even that took the best part of a year.

We do have someone coming out on Monday to see about the stair lift, do you think it would be worth asking them?
Phone your local DWP ask for a form for a COMMUNITY CARE GRANT . we have used it here where we live , make sure it the grant as the loan you will have to pay back .

hope this helps Image
Thanks. I'll give them a call tomorrow.

I spent a few hours googleing last night and would also appreciate any advice or info people have on the holiday vouchers for carers. I didn't even realise there was things like that. I can't work out if I'm eligible. I've had 1 holiday in 25 years. A holiday would be blooming amazing lol.
Never used them myself but i am sure that carers uk will give the info you want
take care Image