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Carer's Allowance / DLA

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Can someone who is a carer and claiming Carer's Allowance also claim DLA in their own right? If so what are the implications? Effectively we are looking after each other, but how does the state view this?

My wife who cares for me became ill last November. She was pensioned off from her job in the NHS on an ill health pension.

We are wading through forms now in light of her winning her pension as Incapacity Benefit will cease and to obtain Carers Allowance.

Also we claimed Carer's Allowance before and she was given an Underlying Entitlement, does this mean that where the Incapacity Benefit ceases her underlying entitlement will kick in? The Carer's people said they only go back 3 month but surely if she had claimed before but got no money and only the entitlement to receive the award they should go back as far as we ask?

All thoughts welcome

I should make clear she was ill since 2007, hence the ill health pension but she was hospitalised last November.
My father who received DLA in is own right also got Carers allowance for caring for his wif e who was also disabled and didn't have any problems as I am aware. They can only say no if you try and Iican't see them saying no seeing as you will just join the milllions that save the government money. Take Care Alison Image
Thanks Alison
Yes, you can claim both as long as you are under pension age.
You can also earn up to £100 a week whilst claiming, after tax and deductions.
And any private pension you earn isnt taken into account.
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