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Question about agency carers

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My mum has carers come in once a day in the morning to get her up and ready, one woman comes in 3 days a week and another 2 days a week. Yesterday the one that comes in 2 days a week decided to tell my brother that she doesn't like coming to our house, she is petrified of dogs, my dog is quite big and boisterous and has a loud bark but if you ignore him he'll go off and leave you alone no problem.

They were warned before they started that he was in the house by both social services and us so now do I call them and tell them what she has said? Or do I leave it? It hasn't actually stopped her coming to the house but now that she's actually said something I don't really want it to impact on the care she's supposed to be giving. My mum won't call them so I know it will be down to me
Might be worth mentioning it to the agency Holly. Then if anything happens you have cleared yourself with them.
My daughter has a very boisterous dog, who would jump up anyone who came in here. Once she has licked them to death, she will leave them alone, but not everyone wants that, do they?
Good luck with it.
Is it worth talking to her and making sure she knows if she ignores him he will go away.
I have this problem with my dog and the amount of people who ignore what I say and try to fuss him/make friends is really bad.
He doesn't go as far as licking or jumping up, if he did he'd push her over, he just likes to play with anyone that comes in, bring toys, want to be stroked etc. The other carer just says hi to him, strokes his head then ignores him and gets on with what she does and he'll go and lay down.

My mum has told her to ignore him but she still insists on making a fuss, I'm not in when the carer comes so I'll ask my brother to talk to her as he's there at the same time sometimes.
If it carries on I think I will have to call them, I don't want to get her into trouble but more so don't want it to impact on the things she's there to do
Get an alligator,might make them work faster.
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I know this isn't going to be a popular reply, but I wanted to give another view. The carer is coming to look after mum and she should be able to come and go, unhindered. I've never liked dogs, ever. I'm neither shy nor timid, not a shrinking violet in any way, shape or form, but dogs really make me feel very uncomfortable. The bigger the dog, the more uncomfortable I feel. I think you respect the carer's feelings. Then discuss with the agency which of the following options is most appropriate. Either a) the dogs don't have access to the carer at all, ie by keeping doors shut when the carer is due ; or b) the care agency send dog lovers only.
Provided you told the agency that you had a dog, then they should only send people to are ok with that. I think you should tell the agency, generally they like to know how their staff are working (mine sends out regular short questionaires on how they are doing). I have a not very friendly dog and often my daughter's very lively dog, but I make sure they are shut away while the carer is there, because I don't trust the dogs to be calm etc. I explained all this to the agency before I engaged them so they are aware.
B would be the only option, currently I don't have anywhere to lock the dog away because my dad removed all of the internal doors and then left before replacing them which now I can't afford to do. I understand people are scared of them but the agency do know he's here.

I think I will have to call them again, I don't want her to come somewhere she doesn't want to be, she does her job but if she's uncomfortable someone who wouldn't be needs to come instead
Holly, I'm so sorry to hear that you don't have any doors. In our area, there is a special service for disabled people, called something like Care and Repair, it's designed to support people to live comfortably in their own homes. New doors are surprisingly inexpensive, you might even be able to get some from Freecycle. Our local group often has doors - you can put an advert on Freecycle just like a shop window, and everything is free. Hope that helps.