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I'm back - Carers UK Forum

I'm back

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Hi everyone,

I haven't been on the forum for a while as I have had a lot of problems at home that have been very hard and stressful Image , my wife who I care for is at present in a wheelchair after finding out that she has got a slip disk with siatica and arthritis on the tail bone, now she has also had problems with her stomach, acid reflux and twisted eosphagus (sorry, can't spell), so things have been very difficult at home looking after my wife, the house, housework, dogs, shopping etc. things have started to calm down a bit now, so I have taken the oppotunity to jump on the web site and say hi, I will try and write when I get a spare 5 mins, I would like to apologise to the members who wrote me a while back, unfortunately I just didn't get the time to write back and the days have just flown by, the GP has given my wife some tablets that should help her, it will be great to spend more time on the forum as it really cheers me up Image
Will talk soon Mark.
Good to see you back, Mark.

Hope things are improving at home and you can spend a few minutes with us from time to time.

By the way, isn't your avatar from Calvin and Hobbes?
Welcome back Mark.

Thats the beauty of forums.As busy or as stressful as our lives can be at times, we know no matter how long we may be away that the forums and support will always be there waiting.

x x
Hi, glad to hear things are getting a little easier, its good to take time out even 5 mins with a cuppa, sometimes it's like that days into weeks then months you think nothing else can go wrong and it usually does Image , sending my best wishes to you both and hope your wife problems ease up, nothing worse in the winter months. Take care......Mand
Welcome back Mark, you are doing a fab job, sending special hugs to you.
Bluebird x
Hope you get the time to keep posting.

Take care
Hi Mark glad to see you back! I love your avatar too!
I'm in the "thick" of Gastroenteritis with My caree Jill at present, been going on since Monday. I made the mistake of giving her milk on her cereal..............Oh dear, now I'm in trouble!

Hope your wife feels better soon, sounds awful for her. My Jill has been ill with one kind of bug after another for 15 days now.

Keep up the sterling work Image

welcome back Mark, lovely to see you again Image
Thanks everybody for welcoming me back, hopefully I will be able to stay a bit longer this time. Image
welcome back mark,

nice to see you back posting Image