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Protest confusion - Carers UK Forum

Protest confusion

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There are so many forums discussing a probable protest that it is becoming confusing for posters on these forums.

Is it possible you (the moderators, and those who help run the sites) all get your heads together and organize something on the internet where everybody can go. JUST ONE PLACE please.

A big notice directing people there on all the sites would be good.

I am just one person becoming confused with the whole c'fuffle.
If all the forums are discussing the protest then surely that is a good thing as it means that members of those sites are also on here or visit here. As far as I know there is only 1 site that is against it and he seems to be against anything.
Because people are not members of all sites I think that it's inevitable that the discussion will take place in several places. As long as the coordinators are aware of all the discussions when they come to make the plans for the protests and make sure that these plans are posted on every site it shouldn't be a problem. Posting the discussion on only one site will exclude nonmembers from the discussion.

after george started this protest thread, i replied,
my main thought at that time, was for everyone on every
messageboard/carers sites/ all join together,and move forward to all do this, cuk and prtc,
and other large organisations to realise that we are all
so disillusioned with everything that is happening and especially
all the recent dissapointments.

on the forums that i have seen, it has been posted, with the link
to here.

I think it is good that discussion takes place over several forums as then the suggestions can be collated on each forum and the results posted on here, keeping this thread manageable and everyone knowing what everyone else is thinking.
The forums are all posting the link to here, so all members can see what is being said.
It also encourages members of privat forums to come forward with ideas that they might not feel comfortable posting to a larger audience.
And the more people that get involved, the better Image