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I'm willing to protest in London as well as petition Downing St.

Do you actually have to be at the AGM to propose a motion?
Sorry, but not sure how it all works and there is no way I could get there Image
thank you kia Image

Sorry this reply is a bit late. I agree that something needs to be done, but I cant afford to get to London and pay child care costs, also another problem I'd encounter is my OH's epilepsy - as his sz are uncontrolled and come without warning I might not be able to get there on the day,even if I could afford it.

Would it be possible for carers to organise a protest, on the same day, at the same time in their town, for those that want to take part but are unable to get to London for the main march?

I have posted this reply on PRTC & carerwatch.
hi greywolf

yes i read your post on prtc, and i think you have a great
idea, and i have posted on CV too.
the more ideas we have the better, and the more we talk about
it together the better, we need the letter to go to the agm
any ideas?

Do we need to state in the letter to the AGM what the aim/demand of the protest march is?

If so is the protest march entirely based around finances?

I think it is, because most of the problems carers experience have their roots in lack of money?

We'd all like to see the overlapping benefit rule scrapped. The governments stumbling block in scrapping it for carers, is that they would have to scrap it for everyone?

So, is the answer to demand that because of carers unique position within the benefit system that carers are seperated from the rest of the benefit system. We base this demand on the fact that carers are the only benefit recipients that have to "do something" for their benefit, ie care for someone for 35 hrs (or more).
If so that would be the first demand?

Second demand: Raise Carers Allowance to a living wage.

Third demand: Respite care, to be either free, or an additional respite allowance.

What do you all think?
Just seen this and signed it. Image

A comment from another forum:

"The cause is just but the petition is so dreadfully drafted that it's difficult to see how it'll have any effect. Even the accompanying detail is just a stream of badly constructed statements and in its current format, this simply isn't a petition in the understood sense of the word. I know this sounds harsh but there's every chance that, in its current format, this "petition" will be discounted."
hi cheryl

given this letter has to be ready for friday, we dont
have a lot of time, we have to make a decision within
the next couple of days, then it has to be written and
sent, a lot of people come on here in the evening, so
maybe wait until tomorrow and see what others say.
i agree with you cheryl, it is the wording of
them and the order we all want to put them in.
i hope this is ok.

Yes fine with me, I'm just making a few suggestions to get the ball rolling.

Although I'm still not clear about whether we just write a letter to the AGM asking for CUK support, or if we have to include the agenda/demands etc?

Could Matt, Gavin, a moderater, someone tell me/us exactly what is required?

I've emailed all the "protest" links to our local carers office. Hope they give some input.
Here is their reply:

"Hi Shirley

It sounds as if there is a growing band of carers who feel that this would help the cause. There should be the launch of the National Carers Strategy soon and so it might be good to wait to see what is in that first.

Best wishes "

What is the National Carers Strategy?
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