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hello everyone

we should have some news for you by late
friday evening Image



our new

carers poverty protest board

come and join Image

Why is the new board private?

How are carers that you are protesting on behalf of supposed to see what you are doing in their name?

I thought publicity was important for this protest so how are the press supposed to publicise this protest with no access to the board?

Is this protest only for the few that join the new board?

Please explain why all carers are not allowed to see the progress of the protest?
hello everyone

i would just like to say thank you to all the people who have
contributed towards a carers led protest and a carers poverty
protest forum.

it is up and running after a lot of hard work, it is an open
board, anyone can join. it is also a carer led forum, it is also
every carers forum, so we need a lot of help to start
the different sections.

thank you to matt, george, cheryl and all the people who have brought
this protest this far Image

Just to put the record straight--the board was closed for a time last night, but quickly opened again after Pixies' post on here.
Hi Ken

I think you will find the reason it was closed because it was a new board and they closed it for a while due to teething problems not down to anyone's post.
As Krys had completely ignored the questions from pixie I was merely pointing out that the board had indeed been closed so that later readers did not get the impression that pixie had got it wrong.
Thanks Ken.

Yes the board was indeed closed for a time and I, wrongly, assumed it was going to be a closed board only visble to members.

I was dissapointed as I am following the protest threads with interest.

When it is all organised I was going to put it to my members to see if they had the time to be involved. It's not my place to speak for them so the details would be put onto my forum and they decide for themselves if they feel they can be involved.

As the board is now open again I will keep up with things and put it to my members when the time is right and see how they feel about being involved.
Maybe you could post the link Pixie and they could have a look anyway?
That's an excellent idea, it would be great if everyone who ran a board would put a link on their board so that any of their members who might be interested could have a look and see if they want to get involved. I occasionally come across carer-related boards, sometimes for specific groups, that I hadn't known existed.
276 posts