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You all know iam a Labour supporter but not next time i dont blame them for al the price rises food ,fuel, gas, electric, mortgages but i do blame them for the plight of not just carers but pensioners ,disabled young & old, long term unemployed in fact 99% of the people on benfits are not scroungers as all governments make them out to be and to review the whole benefits system at a time when we need extra help not less is a ******* kick in the *********

not one single minister has listened before the review we had many ministers jumping on the bandwagon like MSSSSSSSSSSSS HARMAN yet she has said nowt she was championing woman carers yet no comment re the review .

Ive read all 174 pages and its b******** and to think we are trying to save the environment and they chop down 763 trees for this garbage .
Why dont we get someone like SYLVIA HEAL to help us she is the deputy speaker and a former social worker she also used to work for national carers association mind you have just had a look at her record in 2007 she spent £2-900 or thereabouts on postage alone thats more than 1 years carers allowance .
me thinks she may not realise the true value of money .

This government has just re-vamped the last carer strategy, they have not listened to the needs of carers, they have promised nothing in concrete terms for carers....................and £50 in the year 2050 will be worth less than 50 pence now. Which we only 'could' recieve Image
Thanks smiler!

Great idea on the adverts & it would have considerable impact I'm sure.

On Government & Foreign Aid; Sorry smiler but I think in terms of a brother/sisterhood of humanity so I'm for foreign aid, not against it.
When I see kids dying of starvation or devastation wreaked from natural disasters my heart knows that could be my kid dying for want of food, my home lying wrecked around me with maybe my loved ones trapped or dead underneath the rubble that was once home & I would want a helping hand to raise my loved ones up from that. Wouldn't you? Wouldn't anyone?

Disasters & famine happen with frequency in Third World countries & in my opinion nations of plenty should lend a hand. It's simply the strong helping the weak & is the humanitarian & right thing to do.
If we want the Government to value & respect us as Carers, then shouldn't we also value & respect the lives of human-beings on foreign soil whose suffering is way beyond ours?

No disrespect to you smiler, it's just the issue of foreign aid keeps cropping up lately with regard to Carers not getting what they deserve when truth is there's enough money to go round. So far I've bitten my tongue but today I speak up hoping to change a few minds on the subject of foreign aid.
When Governments stops wasting & mismanaging funds, stops paying for ridiculous schemes, astronomical expense accounts & pay rises, stupid reviews that don't deliver, going to war needlessly & pilfering money in numerous ways year in year out, THEN we'll have a Government fit for purpose & hopefully no-one will bash foreign aid re; Government failure to act honourably towards Carers, the disabled, the sick & the elderly.

Guess I'll get my wrist slapped for straying off topic but beyond our own individual issues lies the greater issues of striving for global peace & an end to the duality of a sea of famine & a sea of plenty. Everyone has a right to the basics of food, clothing, shelter & safety no matter where they live.

The person defending the Government is apparantly a support worker for a Carers organisation!

I hope she returns to the forum to learn something 'cos she'll not be much use as Carer support with those blinkers on!
Surely we should get our own house (country) in order before we start sending massive amounts for foreign aid which usually ends up in the pockets of the 'elite' in such countries.
I don't think it helps our public image to begrudge aid to starving people wherever they are.

Wars that we entered only to please Bush and to help Blair to be the president of Europe, MP's wages and fiddled expenses- yes they are legitimate targets.

Re the newbie---if that's the view held by carer support workers no wonder we are in deep ####.

Getting our own house in order does not require cutting foreign aid. Northern Rock cost us all £110 billion at one point and lord only knows how much more since. How much would that have given to carers? How much of that money was necessary?

I know that Northern Rock could not be allowed to collapse - but what is the Financial Services Authority there for?

Please remember that it is fine to disagree with someone but it is not reasonable to be critical of the fact that their opinion is different. For some people - albeit too few - the strategy will bring an improvement to their lives. But not enough carers, and the strategy as a whole does far too little.
Charles47. If you're referring to me, I do respect the opinions of others & my response re; foreign aid was well intended. No criticism of smiler involved. Besides, how can ya criticise anyone called smiler?

My response on the Carer Support worker was meant to be wickedly humorous (shoulda put a smiley in there Image instead of exclamation marks I guess!!! hehe ) but I realised after posting that it may come across as just plain mean Image
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