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Excalibur wrote
A protest only works if there are clear, specific and realistic demands. Vague protests are met with vague promises, and that's no use to anyone.
So what would we be asking for? If better local services, then the protest needs to be made to the town halls, if better national policies, then to the national parliaments and assemblies, if improved benefits, then to Westminster...
If every carer forum starts a thread titled Protest Demands? or something similar. It will become evident what we would be asking for?

For me
No 1 Is more money directly into carers pockets/purses.

No 2 Adequate respite care and support.

Spot on Cheryl
The 64.000 dollar question is how much money and how much respite Image Arghhhh!!!!
I've just joined the site after reading the posts about planning a protest.

Protesting is definitely something that needs to be done even though it is a difficult step for carers to take, both emotionally and practically.

One easy way, is to arrange for as many carers as possible to email one person in their local authority, preferably their director of social care, and that would make a mess of their emails for that day. The following week, email another SS employee.

Then we, the millions of us, could all email just one MP from each party. The amount of messages in those in-boxes could be a bit of inconvenience for some.

Let's get messy with the mousey.

do we know how many people will do this yet?
and who is going to arrange it all?

The charities can reach far more carers than all the carer boards combined, nationally through newsletters and locally through carers centres and local newsletters. They can also reach donors and celebrity supporters. Would they arrange a protest to Westminster and a series of local town hall protests? I don't know, perhaps they can answer that. It seems to me that a day of protest across the country and at Westminster would have far more impact on carers' lives than Carers Week with activities that few carers can or wish to engage in, given the choice between a coffee morning or a protest I know which I would find more worthwhile.
Well said Annie. I agree.
I agree with Annie.
There are going to be many more carers as the population increases, carers and our carees are a business opportunity now for the private sector, nobody is going to give us what we want because if they do they wont make money out of us.
Im all for a protest . Perhaps something on the lines of refusing to pay the increased care service costs en masse until our income is increased to match ,as well. They cant put 7 million of us in the clink for not paying Image
a) do we know how many people will do this yet?
b) who is going to arrange it all?

No - we dont.
But the answer is:
a) lets be sensible and aim for 1,000 carers - shouldn't be impossible.
b) you have just been nominated, seconded and appointed unanimously.

well, you did ask. Just go for it... nobody else is standing for election...
In the 70`s we railway men wanted to send petition to #10 but we were all to lazy to collect any names so we wrote rather nice letter and got permission to hand in petition so off we went to #10 handed over the letter and about a dozen box files all with newspapers in them told you before us geordies have funny sense of humour .

GEORGE===== still closed workshops and depot
gee thanks excalibur, but george started the post Image

seriously, if we are going to go for it, we all need to
agree to stand together side by side, and we need to have
ALL the forums to agree, as it was started on this site
they sould ask their members and reply on here is that ok??

Well I'd like to go one further with this......

I call upon CUK to tell us if they would support or indeed organise a mass public protest.

As Annie said--they have the means to organise it--but have they the will to do so?
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