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Hi Cheryl try this link you should be able to download a petition template

http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templ ... 1439381033
While we are on about petitions, anyone think it would help to put up a petition on the No. 10 website, to register our disgust at the review?
Just so the protest thread does not get bogged down with too many ideas I will start a new thread for people to use for suggestions.
thanks rosemary Image
Thats a good idea Rosemary. I was logging in to create a link for people to confirm they would like to take part in a protest otherwise i feel this gets lost in the discussion.
The government are making a mockery out of our didication, they get away with it because they have us over an emotional barrel where our feet never touch the ground. The care system in this country is so poor that they know we will never abandon our loved ones.

I would happily take a petition to Downing street but i think local protests carried out in a dignified manner will do more to show the quantity of people who care.

Every carers organisation should be activly supporting protests.

Every town center should hold a protest on the same day/ time.

Caring effects everybody and everybody should know it.

Lets stop being a pushover and take action.

For the government not to increase carers allowance is an absolute insult, i dont want respite care, i want help at home, will we get it?
morning everyone

so pleased to see that this is still being discussed,
the more posts we recieve, the more attention this
will get Image
so please keep it going

many many thanks

If you wrap up a house brick and post it to # 10 it only costs £15 lets all send a brick to GORDON

no dont me mates a postman in Whitehall and he`s got a bad back Image
morning everyone

I think that this has had an amazing response, and in such
a short time, it has brought a lot of people together,
which is a wonderful thing, we are all supportive of each other,
forums are making suggestions, and people are posting, who
have never posted before. this all bodes well for our protest.

its becasue we can all see that only us carers can make a difference its fantastic what your doing for this protest and we need to all pull together and unite in the fight for a fair deal for carers the idea of a protest can only be a good thing i just hope on the day i can be there with you all
Rachel x
276 posts