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When the time is right and there are more details I will.
I messaged the link to all those who are registered in the 'campaign for students to get carers allowance if they look after someone' on facebook. There's 190 people so that should bring in a few more troops Image

I also have posted our link on the CUK message board on facebook too.

and i've posted a link on the Cystic Fibrosis Trust forum as well
Well done Alex and thank you Image
thank you alex Image

Well done Alex and thanks
we need as many as possible
Well done Alex, the more that know, the more that can be involved Image
I have not looked on the forum for a few days but it strikes me that if people really wanted to protest it would have been done by now!

The people that held the anti knife rally on behalf of Ben Kinsella got that rally together in a matter of days.

Ok we have people to look after but lots of us could surely send a representative if we cannot get there ourselves.
30 people out of 500+ views have signed my thread for a protest.

The protest has lost momentum--waiting for the charities to organise it was a big mistake.

Rome wasn't built in a day, I know, CUK have had 40 years to build------what?

The anger that was there after the strategy announcement has been given time to subside -and it has.
People are choosing not to join the protest board- for whatever reason, and all the boards have gone very quiet.

A great chance to show them how angry carers were/are has, I feel, been lost.
hey come on guys

A nationally co-ordinated protest was never something carers were going to be able to organise overnight...the anger is still there...i presume talks are in progress re a date..give it a chance....what have you got to lose?
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