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I live in West Wales, and would have a long journey to London, but am getting so far behind with everything in my life, and living in hell with trying to make financial ends meet, that if a march was planned to Australia I would come!
i would go to australia too, but unfortunately 10 downing street is in
london Image
seriously, so many of us are struggling, and nothing is going to change
until we all start to shout louder.

I agree with all the posts here direct action is the way forward, as has been said
none of the media has pulled this report apart yet, so we have to make them take notice, for a start it could be worth every carer emailling this review to a designated news paper say the gardian with there comments on it.
The Daily Mail 11th June page 16 headline reads:

" Ministers drop the plan to pay 'salaries' to family carers." by Michael Lea Political Correspondent.

"Ambitious plans to pay relatives of sick & elderly people a salary for looking after them have been shelved.
The radical proposal - trumpeted by ministers earlier this year - was missing froma £255million package of measures to support carer's unveiled yesterday."

The article breaks down where the £255million will be used (only £6million for young carer's btw) then he says:

"But the proposed salary for carers has been watered down to merely 'encouraging increased use of direct payments' by local authorities.
Whitehall sources admitted there was not enough money available."
(Funny how Whitehall can always find money for what they deem worthwhile. We, & those we care for are clearly worthless in their eyes.)

The Princess Royal trust for Carers & Crossroads Caring for Carers said in a joint statement:
'Carers will be bitterly disappointed that Government is not taking immediate action to rectify the low level of allowance or the difficulties in claiming it. They need help now, especially with rising food, heating & transport costs.'

Imelda Redmond, chief executive of Carer's UK said: 'This is an important step forward. However, we are disappointed there is no immediate financial help for the thousands of carers who rely on benefits.'

Gordon Lishman.director general of Age Concern, said: 'While this money is welcome, it is tiny compared to the value of care that an army of friends & relatives provide for free day in day out.'

There's also a centre page spread in Money Mail pages 48 & 49 called "It's time we cared."

The Guardian also reported on the strategy so if they & the Daily Mail reported on it I'm sure others have done.

From the Guardian:

"Carers UK has accused the government of short changing carers and has called on it to radically overhaul both the tax and benefits systems so they get a fairer deal. "Carers themselves will be very angry that there is no recognition by government [in the stratgegy] of the poverty many of them are living in," Redmond says."

That's more like it Imelda! Very Angry is much more to the point!

is she reading these posts??

Surely if there are enough of us, we could also hold a flower of some sort on behalf of our freinds and all other Carers to demonstrate just how many of us there are.I know several people who would be unaqble to come, but theis spirits would certainly want to be there, and a flower on behalf of each of these Carers would at least be shown on TV by Reporters, and help all Carers to be listened to.
i missed this earlier, sorry Image
that is a lovely idea, what does everyone else think?

I would certainly draw attention to everyone but we would need very large bunches never mind 1 flower if the carer couple who had to turn down a visit to downing street because they couldn't get any respite care for their son is to go by.

the race for life (cancer) has runners wearing vests with who they are running for on.
Perhaps we could 'I am carrying a flower for a carer who cannot attend' on ours?
I have just read Smilers link, and am not surprised. I was told by Social Services,when I made a complaint to them, that my son was aggressive and swore a lot. Now, we do not swear at home, and his ILF support workers do not swear,in fact, Ben hates swearing, and the only people who have ever told me that they have problems with him swearing are Soaicl Services.

My son has been unable to acces this day centre since,as a complaint is still ongoing(they withheld my son's insulin),and kept allowing him to put sugar in his tea even though too much sugar could kill a diabetic,and after several months at home we were able to access private care, funded by Social Services.

My son has also been unable to access respite care, because of his Diabetes. Care staff are not trained in Diabetes care, and our son has to be able to understand his blood sugar tests, and calculate carbohydrates to enable him to understand how much insulin he has to have. As he has Downs Syndrome, when he has had respite care, we are generally contacted, so not really much point in respite care, as we are always on call.

I would still make it to a protest though. It only takes one person to look after my son, and my husband, although disabled himself, would cope for one day. Hopefully my son's one-2-one that he has a couple of times a week would help out, as he has learnt to cope with carbohydrates and insulin. Image
hello everyone

just to say, thank you for all the pm,
and that cheryl and i are still finding ways to do this protest,
we still need to keep this going, and i know
it is hard, and we feel as though we are not
getting anywhere, but we are, one way or
another we will make this work.

the ideas you have been posting and pm have been
written down, and they are really great ideas.
keep them coming too.

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