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I think the time has come to seriously think of some kind of protest if we dont get what we deserve from the carers review not sure what we could do but iam sure we will come up with something even if every single carer contacted social services / local authority and asked for help they then might realise just how much we save them.
iam in favour of protest at number 10 at least you make the news then .

hi george

i have always said i would do this, but the problem
for a lot of carers, they can't leave their caree, and
they can't get respite.
but something has to give

Hi George

Yes it is about time we protest and iam in favour of protest at number 10 and I could do with a day out in london Image I know my caree would come as well and give her support
i've been saying this for ages now that this is what we need we need to show the government that we are not willing to be walked all over, what we need is to show this government that without us the system would fail, something like a big enough threat to cause real concern among the government.
What we need is a flippin union kind of thing a governing body that will speak on our behalf and will fight for our rights and that is their sole purpose.

always with you george.
was just thinking about this again,
i wonder how many of us would go if we could
arrange something?

Well we could all try demanding the ss provide cover while we go on a protest march.
Kill 2 birds with one stone then as ss would collapse Image

seriously, maybe enough could manage to go to make a fair sized protest.
I'll definately go, if my OH will let me Image
If we could get 50 people to agree to protest at no 10, then I think we need something arranged. All in favour say aye.

Aye Image

We did have some none carers offer to go on a protest with us at Carerwatch.
Could see if they would still go too? And we could post it around on other websites etc ?
Yes. I think it should be plastered over all the carers forums.

Well it looks like there's a definite seven so far....Just 43 to go. Image
276 posts