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Proof the Forum works. - Carers UK Forum

Proof the Forum works.

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
The weekend has been chaotic.Dad has been confused,restless,agitated and fretting.He`s wandered to the shops several times,in various states of dress,used the remote control to phone his mum,who died 20yrs ago,been up and down the stairs looking for something he can`t remember,well i`m sure you get the picture.Amidst all this,Mum had diarrhoea.But i used free moments to use the Forum and relax a bit,though i did miss Radio Wey saturday evening.Dad is settled again now,but things would have been a lot more stressful without the Forum.Whoever had this idea deserves a medal. Thanks. Image Image Image Image Image
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Hey glad to hear it's helping! Am I right in thinking - sanctuary in a nonsensical world?
I can honestly say this forum has been a Godsend for me. We may never meet in real life, but the kindness shown to one another in the form of practical good advice, somewhere to sound off, or just a virtual ((HUG)) is beyond belief.

Thank you one and all from the longest serving poster to the latest newbie. You have all enhanced my life as a multiple carer.

Take care
It was only a chance remark from my Mum's GP that sent me here originally (thanks, Dr P Image ) - but now I promote Carers UK and the forum at every opportunity I can.

We may be a small forum in terms of numbers but, to my mind, we're the best Image
I quite agree. I couldn't get on the internet over the weekend because I had mother sagas - we too were hunting for presents we hadn't bought, accusing "someone" of hiding / losing the ones we had and directing me where to post Christmas cards for neighbours, all this on piglet time. I also found the dirty underwear in the sideboard Image . However, the Forum is a lifeline, somewhere to go to listen, to vent, to moan and to laugh. Think my actual friends are glad they don't have to hear so much too; this Forum gives them a rest Image Image. We are very lucky to have it and of course each other.
This forum and the people on it , who I now consider to be my friends. have
been a lifesaver to me. they have helped me when I have been at my lowest
points in my life. comforted me, made me smile. where I would be without
you all , ... Minnie x
I agree; you can feel so isolated as a carer at times as you watch other people going about their lives, being able to do things you can't do because of caring responsibilities. It really helps to know there are others out there in the same boat. I'm in awe of the strength, resilience and humour you all have really.

Glad things have settled down a bit Michael - wishing you a peaceful weekend. Image
Glad things are settling down again for you Michael.

I'm very pleased to have found the forum. Caring really does take over your life and only other carers can really understand what it is like.

I'm having a horrid few days with S and this weekend is proving no better. Without the forum to keep me company, I'd be struggling even more than I am.

Yep,it`s a lifesaver.Can`t help you directly,just send a virtual hug and remind you sunshine always follows rain.Hang in there,hope things ease up for you soon. Image Image Image
I'm not too sure how I found my way in here. But I'm sure not looking for the exit ! As a newbie I am glad to have stumbled upon this place. People so very nice and understanding. So much of what i hear I can relate to. And I think others have a lot more on their plates than me. Having said that, today Mum is coping with just paid Carers inputting. She rang me a short while ago. Job to communicate. She was not feeling well. She said it was cold. Not sure if she has been fiddling with the heating controls or not ! I so wish neighbours cared a little. She had passed some blood. But she had had a sandwich for lunch and had even managed to open a tin of soup for tea. But I felt awful being at the other end of the phone. But I need a little time off. I know she will be so pleased to see me Monday morning. I just dont think it will be long before she has to go into a Home as I can't do seven days a week. Five is a struggle mentally.

But I am lucky I can get away without anything too dreadful happening to Mum - says he with all fingers tightly crossed....