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Carers Assessments

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Just a bit of market research. Has anyone had a carers assessment done that has actually resulted in something useful or practical being provided for the carer.

I know that sounds terribly cynical but I've had four carers assessments over the past four years and none of them have led to anything specifically for me as the carer.
Short answer, no.

Qualified answer, they didn't offer what I wanted and I didn't want what they offered.
dito same as no Image
same here no help even though they say they want to help/can help they dont. waste of time. i have asked for many times with things as a carer to help in my caring role and the answer is always no as i did ask for help to learn to drive as it WOULD help me as a carer. there answer is NO onone does that. They b****y do if they looked right. they offered me things i did not want.
so all in all they dont help Image
I got a grant to pay for massage sessions to help me de stress. I also got respite sessions sorted out, the funding for this comes out of my hubbys health funding but it wouldn't have been sorted out if I hadn't asked for it during my carers assessment.
Also during the assessment I flagged up my worry about what would happen to my caree if I was involved in and accident or became suddenly ill. Because of this I was given info on a local scheme that can help with this
been battling for 5 years for an assessment (needed some help with garden care when my asd son is on the summer hols and other little things). I don't wan't respite care as there is activities he goes to and we get on pretty well. 1st time I asked I was told 'your a good mum so don't need our help', 2nd 'he goes to school for 3 hrs a day (this was when he was meant to be a full time) at least you have that' 3rd' we can only help if he was endanger of abuse', last time my son was offered 6 hrs respite care but again told I was a good mum so don't need an assessment.

Have asked my local carers charity for help with SS, the council only funds them for people who care for some one over the age of 18.

It's a bloody joke !!!!!!
Last year I was awarded a carers grant of £300 which I spent on a gardener and a cleaner.
I had another assessment recently as my role has got a bit worse, but noting came from it really, just given some leaflets, and shes going to see if I can get another grant but funds are low etc etc so I wont hold my breath! Image
I get very confused over the whole issue of repsite and had been hoping that the carers assessment might address this.

After the events of last year, Steven does not want to go back to the respite venue he used to go to (and from where he was removed to be taken to the positive behaviour unit). I have been told that as the council has this in-house facility they would not consider any other option for respite.

However, as a temporary measure they have agreed to pay for one of his carers to do an overnight at our house once a fortnight, which will enable me to go out and the carer cant take charge of bedtimes and showering the following morning. It has been working like a dream.

I have asked for two things: 1) that this arrangement continues as a permanent arrangement as it suits both of us so well, and 2) that we make it a weekly arrangement, so I can get at least one nights unbroken sleep per week.

To date, this has been turned down. Is this the sort of thing that a carers assessment should address and make provision for?
I'm not sure the technicalities of what carers assessments should offer, but in response to your first question -

I've had benefits come through carers assessments, but not necessarily because of them. What I mean is that we (me and my caree) worked out what we needed and then used carers assessments as a way in which to fight for them. This involved us thinking up new ways to work their rules. If not for our persistence and our thinking outside the box I don't think we would have got the same result at all.
Nice on Bertie.

But that sounds like you were able to benefit in spite of the carers assessment not because of it!
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