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1. I am a Cook
2. I am a Housemaid
3. I am a Teacher
4. I am a Referee
5. I am a Nanny
6. I am a Nurse
7. I am a Handyman
8. I am Security
9. I am a Comforter
10. I do not get a holiday
11. I do not get sick pay
12. I do not get a day off
I work through the day and some of the night
I am Under paid
I am overworked
Most of all I am CARER


I must explain my last post , the reason for it is to show what a carer does.
If you add up the salaries for these jobs every carer would be worth ( in salary terms ) over £300,000+ pr year.

So this just goes to show how much each UNDER PAID carer is actully saving the Government year after year, oh yeah and to NO thanks at all ( from Government ). Every carer who cares for somebody for 35 hrs+ put them on a £50,000 per year carers wage an give us all a decent standard of living. And yes I do know this will never happen but at least it costs nothing to DREAM , HEY i just saved them some more for not charging them for my dreams Image
Oh dear Glenn. That sounds like the list any stay-at-home parent would be able to write, even when their children are in robust good health. A stronger case would be needed.
financial advisor.

We have been badly let down by this government, hardly a day goes by without the "pat on the back" we have been used or should i say abused by this government more then any other, the reason being this government since 1997 has said time after time that they will help and support carers those family mebers who have accepted their responsabilities , how many times have you heard a government minister say without carers the N.H.S. would need an extra 87 billion quid year on year we save the state billions yet we get nothing in return .
we receive the only benefit that is conditional on the claimant working 35 hours per week if J.S.A. was paid only to those who "work" as volunteers or within the community can you imagine the backlash from the general public they would never stand for it yet we as carers are forced into accepting this "work for benefit system"
even now we as carers of the elderly disabled may face a loss of disability benefits such as D.L.A. & A.A. this will place many carers and their caree`s in poverty ........
Well sandie i wasn't trying to make a case i was just saying what was on my mind at the time. So please don't take everything at face value ok.
Because for every case I have read about on here you always get a negative reply from somebody , just so happens your mine ok.
Might I make a suggestion why don't you put your negative energy into something possitive and let us all know the fantastic Idea you have come up with to solve the problems of what is said on here ok.
my thoughts are we should keep putting stories like Glen's out there.

I know that there is no way we are going to get the sort of money we actually earn, but nevertheless it does not hurt to keep reminding everybody, including the government what our lives are like, and how much money we save the country.

a healthy robust child does not need care like my daughter does for 42 yrs. Care like a toddler needs only in an adult body.
Thanks pamr for your comment , i know this is for carers to voice what they feel but getting hold of a government e-mail address would be better , so we could voice our opinions right at them and just flood them with questions, such as where does all the money we all save them every year go to. But then again they would prob get sick of it and change e-mail address. ( OSTRICH ) comes to mind. Because they would prob never read any of these comments on here or are ever likely to. OMG sandie your negativity is rubbing of.
Don't forget to put in the normal family relationships, we are also;
and we need to try to maintain these relationships, the people we love are who help us get through each day.

A good post Glenn.
Interesting post Glenn and a good debate.

To be fair to sandie she has a point - as a campaigning organisation we have to make a very strong case to government as to why they should support carers. There are plenty of people who have no sympathy for carers and would say - well I look after my kids and I get no special support. So I can see where Sandie is coming from.

However I would say to Sandie that caring for an adult (or a disabled child) is a very different kettle of fish to parenting. People (mostly) choose to be parents and parents have legal obligations to care for their children

Caring for an adult is not always a choice and people don;t have the same legal duty of care. So we are replacing the state in a much more clearcut way. Which is why Glenn's post is a useful way of explaining what carers do.

Glenn please join our campaign and let the next PM know that it's time to support carers
http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... e/Signhere

I can see what Sandy is saying because it is what most parents of normal children say when discussing my problems with my youngest, the thing is it is all of those things in the extreme way beyond the imagination of most ordinary parent.
My son is only 12 so not an adult but way more energy and fitness than I have so I am looking after a baby in an almost teenage body and don't forget nature designs us not to have children beyond a certain age for the very reason that we are not so able to get up in the night, feeding etc and even with nature it should get considerably better as the child ages not worse as it is for us.
The case would have to be very much stronger than the things listed but a good post anyway, it just needs to hammer home the message more imo.