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prisoners in jail for crimminal acts - Carers UK Forum

prisoners in jail for crimminal acts

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question time last night l was flicking channels to perhaps see something that could take my mind of this 24/7 mellarky.

It seems that brussels is now dictating to uk gov that prisoners must have the right to vote , what a load of toss.

you do the crime then do the time and loose your rights who the hell does brussles think they are.

once again i was waiting for a tiny glimse on carers and all our issues nothing bu any of the panel but nothing infact i have tried to be in audience in glasgow or edinburgh but nothing.

once again we all as unpaid fulltime carers are the bottom of the pile and as l said prisoners have more rights than us.

just typical once again does not surprize me.

kenneth2now fifre
Hi Kenneth
Well, I suppose it depends on how much one feels a prisoner should go on being punished. I should have thought a prison term was bad enough in itself and that a vote should be a right for everyone. I have visited people in prison and some of them should not be there at all - the system is not fool-proof. Did you know that when anyone is taken into prison such things as address books, cell phone etc. are taken away so that unless that person has a very good memory or has somebody on the outside who can assist they can't get the information they need to help their case. I know they get a lawyer assigned to them but that lawyer is not going to follow up much due to sheer lack of time, whereas the prosecution have the police etc. to build up a case. Possibly there isn't a better system, but at the moment anyone who can afford a really good legal team has a distinct advantage.
The point really is that the punishment is loss of liberty.
Nothing more so really making their stay there harder or with less rights is not correct.
I myself feel that it should be harder and yes if they decide to live outside the rules then it cuts both ways but doubt it ever will be
The same people who gave prisoners human rights gave you yours, not everyone in prison is a bad criminal. We are all human beings and therefore have the same human rights. Like it or not, You are happy to shout about your rights as a carer, and the injustice done to you, other people have rights to, regardless of what we think. If we spend all our time shouting and screaming about everything and lifes injustices, then maybe just maybe the anger does us more damage than good, we live in a society where there is help available, maybe not as much as we would like, what about those without the same human rights and help as we have. So does it really matter if a prisoner can put a tick in the box, in my humble opinion , no, it matters not at all.
the point l was trying to make is that prisoners seem to have more rights than we have as full time unpaid carers.

kenneth2 now fife
I cannot see your point, Kenneth, prisoners have been given the vote, we too have the vote, how does that give them more rights than us?

Prison is not only intended to be a punishment but also an opportunity to re-enter society rehabilitated, the fact that it does not succeed in the latter is because prisons are full of people who should not be there: prisoners on remand who will either be found not guilty or be given non-custodial sentences, the mentally ill, the drug and alcohol addicted who need treatment and care not incarceration, people who committed non-violent relatively minor crimes for whom a communtiy sentence would be more appropriate, the innocent who could not afford adequate representation in court, etc. resulting in a lack of rehabilitation programmes because of the cost of unnecessarily and inappropriately incarcerating so many people. Giving prisoners the vote recognises that they are still members of society the majority of whom will return to mainstream society albeit members who have, rightly or wrongly, been deprived of their liberty.
the point l was trying to make is that prisoners seem to have more rights than we have as full time unpaid carers.

kenneth2 now fife
Hi Kenneth, seem to have is the operative word, they have no more or less than we do, we have to blame the media, the same ones who shout scroungers from there rooftops, and the same ones who shout about prisons and anything else that grabs reaction. Journalism is no longer about news, its all about reaction to stories, it does not seem to matter how inaccurate they are. I personally am thankfull we do not live in a country that has no human rights, if we did, your post would likely lead to incarceration for you. It is easy to get angry at what we presume to be injustice. We should all be thankfull, wether we agree with it or not, that we as citizens of the UK are guarded by human rights law, and we have some rights as carers to.
recent stats show re-offending is prolofic.prison has failed to deal with crime.i think prisoners not only should have the right to vote,but be compelled to do so.

how many eveer even register to vote while free to dxo so?.Few Id dare to say ever do.

as part of the supposed rehabilitation process prisoons are supposed to offer,the education asto why everyone should vote would,maybe,give some a sence of being a part of society.
Of course people re-offend - some because they are hardened criminals, but there are others who just cannot re-enter normal life. When released they are given a small amount of money, what they were wearing when taken into custody (don't forget all the prisoners in custody who are simply waiting for a trial which can take months and months so you cannot assume they are guilty) and left to manage. They then face prejudice when trying for a job, often have nowhere to live, etc. They cannot even get insurance for a car no matter that what they were accused of has no bearing on their driving ability. To some the situation is so hopeless that they just spend what little they have on drink (or drugs to be realistic), get arrested again and go back to where they are fed at least and have a roof over their heads.
i dont think a hard upbringing excuses crimes,re-offending has,its true,many causes.but i do not excuse those who repeat,often only getting into harder crimes,offences.

at some point it must be asked if the repeat offender is fit for a place in society at all.no government has faced that one.