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priority treatment for veterans

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the conservatives want to introduce priority treatment of veterans and their family members.

well i can inform them that veterans who have a war disablement pension can get priority treatment now but the old doll on many visits to hospital some years ago asked for her priority treatment result not one consultant , doctor, social worker or any health worker was aware of such a scheme even when i went prepared with letters from service personal & veterans agency we never once got priority treatment on one visit she was on trolley for 36 hours waiting for bed .

conservatives jumping on bandwagon again.

we shouldn't have to prioritise anybody if we lived in fair and transparant society that most of like to think we do.
Where is the ethos of the cradle from the grave?, the NHS is 60 years old in a few weeks time, its things like this that are eroding the NHS with those that can afford already queue jumping, postcode lotteries determining how long you have to wait to see doctors and consultants have minor and major treatment. The divide and conquer strategy is being used here in an unethical way, the suggestion to prioritise who gets seen and treated first.
Will it soon be a consideration to join the forces so you and your family join an elite group that will be treated better than those that are not in the services?. Sgould Military not be looked after by their own medical services, sorry that has been cut back with most of the military hospitals closing down and private medical companies being used. The privates want the money but not the after service of ex military and their families, so we push them onto the NHS (no problem) but to the top of queue same as those on private medicine plans after all they used to get it, but not now!, it all stinks. The money men get richer for providing a much poorer and depleted service and the unfortunates are pushedalong to take even more unfortunates places in an already over stretched and over subsribed medical service.
Those that say its time for change at the next election and to let the Tories in again, should look deeper at the implications of this suggestion. Yes, it is very worrying.
You'll be fine in this country as long as you are fit to work, don't get ill, be in postion to have to care for somebody that is. Just don't get ill!