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Losing family home

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Hi! I know there is nothing anyone can say or do but I just thought I could come on here and have a moan! I know people here are very supportive.
My Mum who was my Dad's carer has had an awful accident but she has also been finally diagnosed as having vascular dementia. Since her accident she has made a rapid decline, is in a hospice and won't be coming home. My Dad is partially sighted, very deaf with COPD and cutting a long story short, has finally settled very well in sheltered accomodation very near to me. This has all been going on over many months and of course the 3 bedroomed semi that was their home has had to go. Next Monday is the day we hand over the keys and tonight it has finally hit me how this part of my family has been blown away. My parents have been uprooted at the age of 87 yrs old separated through illness and accident, have both needed incredible support to sort out their situation and now sadly the family home, the base for my parents, myself, my sister, the grandchildren and great grandchildren will be gone. It's hit me tonight how hard it's going to be never going there again to have all those happy times. People say to me that I have my happy memories but it's going to be very hard. I can only imagine how tough it must be for my Dad. He has effectively lost his wife and home of over 30 years. I'm feeling very sad and worn out!
Is it their own home, or rented?
Makes no difference, giving up a home through sad circumstances is always a wrench.
Your situation is different to mine in that the home I was born and raised in was sold in January following the loss of both my parents. It felt like another bereavement. Remember that you take the memories with you and nobody can take those away.
I asked because I wanted to make sure that the family had been given the correct information concerning the "capital disregard" concerning care home fees. I've spent many months dismantling my parents house, which they bought when I was 16, sold when I was 62. It's a very sad thing to do, especially as mum was still alive.
Yes, houses we have held onto for a long time are hard to say goodbye to. In some ways I'm glad that my parents downsized when they retired, so our childhood memories are not embedded in the bricks and mortar, it is no longer a museum of childhood or of my parents lives.
I lived in four different houses as a child, and since then have lived in various locations around the UK from Chester and Hastings to Ayrshire and Lanarkshire. The more you move, the less important bricks and mortar seem.