Iam confused on B.B.C. today they have said there are 10-000 vacancies for foster carers and a third of foster carers have thought of giving up their work as foster carers due to the low allowance paid.
I thought they "worked" for social services but it looks as though they are under the control of social services but many in fact have full time jobs , but what got me confused was the statement that foster carers receive less then minimum wage for the work they do in front of me now as i type is an advert from a foster care agency which states you will receive " £400 or more for each child within your care per week" you will receive respite care breaks and 24/7 help and support .the minimum wage claim may be right if we class foster care as 24/7 but can we ?
many foster carers do a good job and we do need them, but when cash is short who needs the most help every single group is knocking on the chancellors door but sadly he aint at home .
someone is telling porkies ah ha master plan remove all child benefit and hand the cash over to the local authority who will then hand the cash over to foster carers ..

tounge firmly in cheek but an element of truth .......