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Winter Fuel Payment change??? Redirect from rich to Carers?? - Carers UK Forum

Winter Fuel Payment change??? Redirect from rich to Carers??

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Hi all. Watched "The OneShow" last night and William G Stewart brought up a suggestion that the Winter Fuel Allowance should be means tested. If you are rich, why the hell should you be paid £250 a year like someone who has only their state pension? Ridiculous isn't it?
Well that got me thinking. If they redirected these payments from people that do not need them to Carers who are grossly underpaid, that would be a god send. I mean its not as if they are going to try and find some more money from elsewhere...its already there being ludicrously paid out to people that dont need it. Redirect those payments to us. Bingo.
I know it sounds simple, but will the Govt go for it. Maybe we can convince them to at least have a look at it?

Sounds good but who is "rich" home owners? they may be sitting on a fortune but have no savings and a low pension, should they still get the winter fuel allowance? .
someone in rented property with savings and large pension that they may have scrimped and saved for should they still get the fuel allowance ?
a pensioner couple with good pensions in rented property should the get the allowance?
a pensioner couple with poor pensions but own their home with or without savings should they get the allowance .
what of war disabled pensioner and war service pensioners should they be penalised for being in H.M. forces as they will have a higher pension.
war widows they have a higher pension as well should they be denied the fuel allowance .
a pensioner living in Spain should they get the allowance
and on and on and on the easiest way is to leave it as it is pay all over the age limit and thats it if we start to pay some and not others many will fall through the net and the old problem of heating and eating will return thats if it has left us yet .
to then pay the saved fuel allowance cash to carers, why should rich carers get extra cash we will have a means tested carers benefit if you are a working carer will they get extra cash if you work for the minmum £100 per week will they get extra cash carers like myself are classed as "rich" because i have an occupational pension that stops me from claiming beneifts now will i get extra cash and what of pensioner carers will they lose the fuel allowance because they are rich and then have extra cash as they are carers will all six million be entitled to the cash or just those who are in receipt of the carers allowance...
why should rich families get child benefits be it tax breaks or help with child care take the cash off them and give it to poor families that would help remove child poverty...
Yes, I actually meant to post up that anyone with savings would be exempt. I posted it quite quick as I was in the middle of doing something else.
Its only a thought. Obviously there are loads of details to iron out, but basically anything that can be clawed back from people that clearly do not need this, back into the carers budget.
dont worry about me iam the cynic and the doom and gloom merchant mr what if this happens -- but to be honest it is much better as far as iam concerned that we just give it to all of them once we start means testing when will it stop take attendance allowance that goes to rich and poor alike ...
I agree with all o the above posts a local councillor in fife has told me that there is only so much in the kitty to divi out to us all the saving og £85 billion pounds is actually not there in reality but a price has been put in there in all the campaign thinktanks etc.

i know of people who get dla or attendence allowance etc it goes in the bank with all the other monies and its there wether the persons are frivalous or thrifty and save like my mum who has no savings left now but running her home is including morgage is £750 per month so mums dla and pension go towards paying that. Mum is always worried and tells has this been paid and that been paid etc.

Mum is old school hates debts and borrowing money if you cannot afford dont buy save up.

But what about wealthy people who do have huge bank accounts etc when others are suffereing for what ever reason. Cut of points should be the logical answer of income and savings limits then you should qualify.

kenneth2dundeenow fife
The rich with savings will be ok as the new residential social care bill just wants a one off payment which the rich probably can afford and the rest goes to the family along with the house .

The poor will have to pay for an insurance policy that they might never use and no refund .

the government see votes in helping the rich be it cheap social care for their elderly parents enabling them to receive the estate with nothing removed for social care, the poor will just make and do with or without benfit support and in the end the poor carer wil get nowt ....