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Preston Carer's Centre - don't care!! - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

Preston Carer's Centre - don't care!!

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Excellent news.

Take care
Brilliant, Elaine, good for you for not just accepting the original decision.
Well it made the Manager sit up and think didn't it?? Image

I'm still waiting for my meeting which is next week and I'll still hand him my letter of complaint. I wouldn't be surprised if it was his first one!

I've never been one for taking things lying down Image I did the shrinking violet thing at school but now I'm a big girl!! Image

Thanks for all your lovely comments and I'll keep you all informed.

Best wishes
Interstingly spotted this over on the thread about Law Commission proposals to change law on Carers assessments.


This was mentioend earlier in this thread as a possible impact for carers who take payment under DP's that they may be refused Carer's Assessments. This proposal will protect those carers.
Provisional Proposal 5-4]are not excluded [/b]from the definition of a
carer for the purposes of a carer’s assessment: (1) a previously unpaid carer who
now receives payment for their services through direct payments
received by the
cared-for person; (2) a carer who is paid for some but not all of the care they
provide; and (3) a carer where the local authority believes the caring relationship is
not principally a commercial one.

PS - Carers UK has been part of the Law Commission’s advisory group Image
Oooohhh that's interesting. Thank you Matt Image


P.S. The more ammunition I have the better!! Image
Well Matt,

I got my carers assessment this afternoon!! No problems, the social worker came to the conclusion I was stressed and needed more help!! Tell me somethng I don't know!! Image Image

So, they are going to try and increase Mum's care package and get in extra help. All this costs and it's nearly financial year end! Image My social worker is putting all this in front of the panel on Tuesday and I either get it or I don't! Watch this space............................

Thanks again for your help.
Any joy Elaine?
Hi Coffeeholic,

No joy as yet but I'm still waiting to hear from the social worker. I am hoping for a phone call today. They don't rush though do they? Will let you know as soon as I know!