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Preston Carer's Centre - don't care!! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Preston Carer's Centre - don't care!!

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Always assuming that the worker remembered to talk to their manager, or that the manager feels they can make a quick decision on something like this. It may well be something they would check with their Trustees first.

I doubt any carers centre would have thought to have a policy on this unless it has cropped up before. Funnily enough I'm doing some work on our policies at the moment, and guess what's now going to be included? Image
BL - no doubt this centre is registered as a charity? Report them to the charities commission!!!!! Image Image Image Image
No point going to the charities commission without going through the charity's own complaints system first, Boggle.
I've not heard of a case like this before. When you tell us it adds up to 22 hours a week, the Centre should have a rethink. Increasingly there will be carers in receipt of direct payments. I'd be keen to hear of any other instances. If more than an isolated case we could raise the issue with our network of organisations which are affiliated to Carers UK.
I think it's worth bringing up through the network anyway, Gavin - it's going to be an issue at some stage and we all need to be clear on this. You can bet, for example, that some local authorities will take the line that a carer receiving a direct payment isn't entitled to a carers assessment or respite...and if carers centres are taking a similar line it will be impossible for those carers to get support.
Hi again,

Well Charles47 I decided to ring the Carers Centre and inform them how unhappy and rejected I felt after being turned away by them. I asked to speak to the Support Officer but it was her day off. I explained to the lady who answered the phone (and who greeted me when I went there during the week) that I worked 22 hrs over 7 days (which isn't a lot really!) and that the rest of the time I'm still a carer (unpaid). She said she would pass the info on to the Support Officer on Monday and get her to ring me back.

Interestly, she also told me that the Carers Centre will support carer's who are already getting paid for caring in one role but have another role as an unpaid carer. Therefore a carer could get direct payments working as a care worker but then be an unpaid carer for say a family member. How fair is that??? I don't have 2 jobs, just the 1, paid and unpaid for the same person!!!! Image

I told you I'm like a dog with a bone once I get my teeth into something..... and I was adamant I'd get my feelings across to them!!

I'll see if the I do get the call on Monday.

Well let's hope they have the good sense to recognise you as a carer!
Well Charles47, no they don't have the good sense to recognise me as a carer.

I received the phone call today and they still won't support me! They are only funded for unpaid carers and she said something about it's in their service level agreement??!!

So that was that, as I said PRESTON CARERS CENTRE DON'T CARE Image Image

That has to be discrimination of some sorts. What about other 'working' carers who hold down different jobs to yours. Would they be excluded too? Makes you wonder Image
The reference to the Service Level Agreement would indicate that the centre's funding, or most of it, comes from the LA which is not unusual, the LA pays for you to care for your mother part of the time and does not pay you for the rest of the time, I would take this up with the LA councillor with portfolio for social care and with the social worker, your situation is one which they should recognise not least because they have approved you to be paid to provide the funded part of your mother's care.