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Preston Carer's Centre - don't care!! - Carers UK Forum

Preston Carer's Centre - don't care!!

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Hi folks,

Well guess the latest news?? I was informed by my Area Social Services Manager that I could go down to my local carer's centre and get lots of support from them and I even might be eligible for their 'time to care for me' grant. Off I trotted, hoping for a good chat with a support worker and perhaps some useful advice (which I don't seem to get from social services!!), only to be turned away Image and why??? - because I'm on Direct Payments and I get paid for being a carer!! I'M STILL A CARER!!!!!

I told them in no uncertain terms I gave up my job of 17yrs to care for Mum and without DP I wouldn't have a roof over my head or food on the table Image But it fell on deaf ears, I was still turned away. Talk about feeling rejected and disappointed Image

I got home and gave my Area Social Services Manager a call to advise her that her usefull bit of information was utter RUBBISH!! Needless to say it didn't get me anywhere!

Sorry for ranting, but it just beggars belief.

I was introduced to our local (120 miles away) carers centre when I looked after mum. Mostly phone contact and emails given the distance involved, but excellent advice and friendship offered. When I did finally manage to attend a drop-in meeting it was like coming home to a long lost family. I don`t get there often enough, but know the staff and other carers are there for support if necessary. Many of the carers are former carers, but are still made welcome as they have already trod the rocky road the newbie carers are embarking upon.

You will get excellent support here on the forum with some lovely people, but just the getting out and not being stuck at home is the attraction of the meetings isn`t it?

Take care
Hi Elaine

This issue has come up before when carers themselves start to get payment under Direct payments. But even if that is now your "paid job" as a "careworker", but you are still caring for all the other hours you don't get paid for and that makes you a carer.

If you have specific problems you need to discuss you could try calling our advice line on 0808 808 7777.

Hi Meg and Matt,

Thanks for your replies. No I didn't have a specific issue in mind to discuss with the Care Centre. I just wanted somewhere to go and make friends, speak to people in the same position as myself and generally just get all round advice.

When I went into the Reception area, the lady greeted me by saying "oh hello are you hear for coffee and cakes?", I thought ooohhhhh that sounds nice I will come again, but then found out I wasn't welcome. The support officer made it clear they don't deal with PAID carer's. So off I went with my tale between my legs Image

I will stick to using this wonderful forum in future. It's not quite the same as a face to face meeting but it's the next best thing and at least I'm WELCOME here Image

Thanks folks for listening.


P.S. Where are the coffee and cakes please?? Image Image
Be very careful what you wish for here as someone will be along soon and post pictures of coffee and cake.

I am still struggling with a basic post or email, but there are many talented folk out there who do wonderous things with "cut and paste"

Glad you feel welcome here.

Join the daily roll call to keep in touch on a regular basis if you want to be more involved.

Take care
Be very careful what you wish for here as someone will be along soon and post pictures of coffee and cake.
How can we refuse you both some coffee and cake Image Image

I have just baked you this cake beaglelady


You are still a carer! The 35 hour rule is only for claiming benefits. Many carers provide over 50 hours plus so their health and wellbeing is put at risk.
Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia means that person is protected under the mental Capacity Act , and according to what I have read as a carer you are entitled to have a break from caring paid for by the NHS – for your own health and wellbeing. So give them some stick about your rights as a carer.

http://www.opsi.gov.uk/acts/acts2005/en ... 9_en_1.htm
My local carers centre refuses to hold meetings at weekends or evenings, to suit working carers, so as far as I am concerned, they are discriminating against us. Their loss, not mine. No wonder they are all women of a certain age .... and lost in a time warp. Not too many black faces there either .. well none actually. Someone needs a damned good smacking.
I think with any organisation there's a tendency to think in quite narrow terms: either you're a carer or you're a care worker.

But as Matt says, you can actually be both. For example, if a paid care worker happens also to be a carer there would be no hesitation to accept their caring status. If you are providing care for someone and getting paid for only some of those hours then as far as I can see you ARE a carer and entitled to support.

At the moment this is something that doesn't happen much and so most carers centres won't have considered the issue. I can only think of two people in my area who are, or have been, in this situation, although there may be more that I'm not aware of.

I realise, beaglelady, that Preston Carers Centre may have burnt its boats with you, but I would certainly suggest you go back to them and discuss the points Matt and I have raised - even if you feel it's too late as far as you are concerned, it might help another carer who needs support and who might otherwise miss out.
Oh gosh Rosemary and entity you have me drooling just like my beagles Image They look really yummy those cakes!

Yes I am a paid worker Charles47, I only get paid for 22hrs a week over 7 days. The rest of the time I'm still a carer but unpaid. I know I should go back to the Carer's Centre (and usually I'm like a dog with a bone when something annoys me) but at the moment I haven't the energy to argue the case with them. I might do when I feel up to it. I have my 'new' social worker coming to visit me next Wednesday so I need to get things sorted out with him first. All my energy needs to be focused on him, Mum and myself. I hope to get a better care package in place for Mum with extra P.A.'s to take the load off me. But don't worry when I next visit Preston Town Centre I will pop in and give them a piece of my mind Image I wouldn't care but the support officer said she would ask her Manager about taking me on their books and ring me later to let me know - has she rang?? NO!! So you can guess what the Manager's response was - Oh No she's a paid carer we are not taking her on!!!!!

Right I shall now go and put my feet up and enjoy my coffee and cakes Image

Thanks guys,