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Pressure from Social Worker to Place Mum - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Pressure from Social Worker to Place Mum

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It's my preferred choice of home, very near me.

Eventually Mum would fund herself if she needed residential care, but it’s the offer of a nursing bed which has thrown me, as I thought that would be differently funded as it's due to medical needs.

I am being told beds at this place rarely come up, and we should go for it. That I should agree to the 12 week property disregard and top up fees, but I don't have details of a full support plan with cost breakdown, so I don't know what I am even being asked to agree to.

It all seems so rushed, and I think they will try and manoeuvre me into all sorts of things.
Do NOT agree to the "top up" under ANY circumstances.
Financial assessments should be assessed purely on the person concerned's income, nothing to do with you!
And they are not supposed to ask the person concerned either, with certain exceptions.
Full details all in the 2014 Care Act Regulations.

If it's near your home, a huge advantage though. In your shoes, I would say that they can move mum, but they have to pay for the first few weeks anyhow, apart from an assessment on mum's income alone.
Then let health and SSD slog it out between them.
Such a shame this is all just before you go away, I think I enjoy all the preparations as much as the holiday itself.
Had a reply from social services, saying we have now lost the place. They said they assessed Mum today, but she didn't see anyone as I have just spoke to her, social services and the care home both said they visited her today, but they didn't see her. Social Services have now said they will ask Mum to decide, as she has capacity, but her Psychiatrist says she doesn't, so that will be interesting. I have told Mum to say "my daughter and I need all the information in writing so we can make our decisions together, please email it to us."
The answer is simple. Ask for their medical degree and for the evidence that she no longer requires hospital care - in writing. They MUST provide a care plan to you BEFORE discharge.

Contact the Helpline: 0808 888 7777 Mon-Fri 9-6pm. They can give you more advice
Thank you - I have just had a senior nurse from the hub team phone me, saying Mum will be discharged from the bed ASAP. She has given me a few options- go for a nursing bed at my preferred choice, or remain where she is settled with LA funding for 3 months, or maybe accept the bed with a planned discharge date. I asked for all the information in writing. They refuse to do a CHC checklist or assessment. They are sending me the information and want a decision today. This has become like a game of tennis with my poor Mum as the ball.
She is being a bully.

Mum and I were also bullied.

As her "revenge" every time I went to see mum her bed was in a different place, sometimes on a different ward. Disgraceful.

Ring the CEO's office as advised before, and ask why none of the proper procedures are being followed?

Do you have Health and Welfare Power of Attorney? If not, mum has not authorised you to make a decision on her behalf.
So much as they want to dump the problem on you, it's not YOUR problem!

I'm reasonable certain that the hospital cannot make funding decisions on behalf of Social Services - who will at very least need to do a Needs Assessment to give to wherever she goes.
So where is the Needs Assessment?
Why won't they do the CHC Assessment?
Contact the consultant's secretary, as you need their view on the rights and wrongs of discharge. It's not the nurse's decision. I had that situation a few years ago: while I was talking to the doctor and getting his agreement to keep Mum in hospital, the nurse - who knew I was talking to the doctor - arranged Mum's discharge and notified me by phone after I'd left. Mum got home at 2pm. By 4am the next day her alarm had gone off as she'd had another fall. Straight back into hospital.

Not impressed.

Anyway, the consultant has to have final say.

The CHC Checklist is a difficult one as the decision to carry one out rests with the NHS. However, they should be able to explain which specific reasons they are deciding against it. Simply saying "she doesn't qualify" is not good enough. The checklist takes very little time overall so I can see no reason why they are refusing to do so. You can always ask to speak to the Matron about it.
I had a really 'interesting' reply from them;

" We called the CCG to find out if clinicians are legally required to conduct a checklist for patients that they knew were a long way from being eligible for CHC, and was advised that they are not – it would clearly be a waste of everybody’s time. I am fully in agreement with this assertion – I have been involved with the CHC process for many years now, and know that pursuing this at this stage would be futile. Hopefully your mother will not develop a primary health need in the future, but if she were to, those involved in her care could consider CHC application again. I should make it very clear that at this stage, any further attempts on your part to seek CHC funding will be in vain, and ultimately a stressful and frankly pointless endeavour for you."

Nice and supportive then.

I go on holiday today and have decided not to reply to calls and emails until I return.

I think that's a good decision to not look at emails etc until after your holiday.

Does your Mum have her house keys in hospital or is she without them?

When you get back check out this website https://www.beaconchc.co.uk it has lots of useful information and advice on it.

No, she doesn't have house keys.

I think they will keep her where she is until I get back.