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prejudice and carers. - Carers UK Forum

prejudice and carers.

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i am 22 years old,am a mother of 2 girls and a full time carer for my partner who has been suffering from depression and anxiety attacks for what seems like an eternity!
yet because i am so young and my partner is not physically disabled and appears "normal",
i am sick and tired of peoples stares and the "pull yourself together" comments Image
my point being,is it because of my age and situation or is that narrow minded people just don't take into account the effect this world has on some people and their mental state! Image
sorry to go on but i just get fed up sometimes,does anyone else find prejudices against them/family members Image
Hi Staci - it isn't prejudice it's ignorance that makes them reply as they do. It just indicates social conditioning and lack of experience of this condition. Don't let it upset yourself but see it as an opportunity for educating them!
My father STAN passed away Feb 2006 aged 86.
STAN was a prisoner of war from 1940 1945 in STALAG 8B POLAND he saw, during battle his mates killed and he himself was about to be shot as a spy but execution was stoped by German officer STAN made many escape attempts mainly to keep Germans busy however after 5 years STAN was very ill .
when he went for his discharge medical in newcastle 1946 he was given a cigarett by doctor and was told "NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU GO AWAY AND BE A MAN" STAN in 1996 was one of the first to get a WAR PENSION for post traumatic stress disorder p.t.s.d. but as STAN was also having trouble with his mobility it was easier for me to inform people he was" disabled "
so i know how you feel
know the saying ignorance is bliss,b******s!
ignorance is just not giving a damn for any other person,there is only so much i can do as a mother and a carer.i'm not bleeding wonder woman!if i could wave a wand and cured everything i would have a long time ago,unfortunately that's not the case.
it is hard enough for us carers to deal with our own situations and feelings without other ignorant people adding their oppinions to the mix.
thank god for people in the same boat as ourselves beacause at least we have people who understand and don't judge.
p.s. rant now over,the scary lady has left the forum,hehe Image
Unfortunately Staci there will always be misunderstanding, misinterpretation and just plain ignorance about the lives of Carers and the Cared for, I agree with amy take it as an opportunity to educate people, who don't know about caring, because unless you have actually been through it you just don't know - and who are these people anyway to offer their opnion - are they medically qualified of something? Image Image Image

Btw ignorance should be pitied not criticised! Image

I wish you well