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Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
As my topic explains is BBC QUESTION TIME biased against fulltime unpaid carers.

I would like to find out from the producer of bbc questiontime if this is so.

I do think that he has a lot to answer for and hope that l will put this question on as many forums as l can.

Maybe he will see sense and start getting fulltime unpaid carers and their carees on the show.

Thats a pretty serious allegation, Kenneth. I mean, if it is true, then someone might lose their job. I wouldnt go saying things like that unless you are 100% sure, after all you might get sued and lose everything you own. So what exactly is your evidence?
now,with respect,i just found your oppener rarther far-fetched.i dont think carers or carees are ever excluded from questiontime.ive never sought to be at a questiontime session.im not too bothered about those things.i watch these shows.

it seems to me they are there to discuss issues of the day.topical stuff.unless theres a current newsworthy carer-related topic worthy of debate on the programe,and it seems to be theres non that springs to mind right now,then i cannot really see any real issue on this one.

ive no evidence carers are ever excluded.

i think that if you seek to attend to raise a carers related question,well,thats a matter for the import,relevance,worth and merit of the question.

i just feel your assertion a bit over-the-top,and,with respect,i dont share the opinion you hold.
I am asking the question am l not entitled to ask the above question?

everything else goes against us illegally and fraudullently via legislation over which we have no control.

speaking to politicians does not help.

I have an invite to be in the audience tomorrow in Maidstone, Kent. Hoping I will get an opportunity to ask a question.
Kenneth, I think others were concerned that you seemed to be stating that Question Time is biased, rather than asking the question is Question time biased against carers?

There's a world of difference between the two and if all you're doing is asking the question, no problem. But I think some of us would need some evidence if it was a statement of fact. I think that's all Maxi and Excalibur were saying.
yes,if you were posing the question,then,mmm,im not sure they are at all biased at the beeb,in terms of questiontime,as such.if you were asserting they ARE biased against carers,Ahh,then,I think not.not in my view.ive seen no evidence of such bias.if such exists ive no evidence of it.not up there on the screen at any rate.

ive not viewed the programe enough to say im sure theres no such bias.the editions ive seen did not feature a carer-related-question.so,the issue is academic.i feel,gut-instinct,theres no bias really.i just havent seen any proof to say there is.

its a good question,if you asked the question."Is there a bias against carers on Questiontime?".
i would say,again,no example to justify saying "Yes" in responce,comes to mind.

If theres not enough carer themed questions,ahh,well,thats very-much to do with the current news agenda.I can guess this week: IRELAND,KOREA,TUITION FEES (maybe) whatever else IS news by transmission time,will set the agenda,i dont see a potent,hot-news carers issue to
warrent discussion on the show at present.

About 10 million viewers tune-in to hear debate on todays themes.As a carer,I know,if Im honest about it,MY issues are of no interest to the majority of them.

Again,IF there IS a HOT story to do with carers,yes,it might get reflected in a question on the show.But,I cant think of a "Hot" issue right now,Can you?.

My beef is juggling working and being a carer,thats my issue.But that aint NEWS.iOh,its a very "hot" issue for ME,and others like me,but the vast majority who view questiontime wont rate it as a matter for topical debate.

They only do an hour,maybe,what 4 or 5 questions in that time?.so,they must sustain interest,be contenteous,no use all panelists just nodding in agreement,who wants that in a debate show?.

Again,the topics need to have mass appeal,relevence etc.

So,I think,in the context of what Questiontime is all for and about,I cant say there is any bias against carers.Ive seen nothing to back-up such a claim,anyway.
Maxi is right, friend of mine was on QT just recently and was told topical questions only, have to be fair these politicians struggle to answer the questions they KNOW are coming, can you imagine anything they were not expecting Image
Like I have always said carers grey area , dont wnat to upset anybody , we all know that the word CARERS is a swear word for the govenment !!!!
i think its like the forum in rome.we havent evolved much beyond the bear garden,a good old spat makes great spectator sport.

questiontime is just for a provocotive spat that centres on some topical point.

i think a dispatches documentary would be what carers issues requires.serious measured and deep.

a panorama moment.