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hello all
could you guide me in the best way to complain to to social services
and help with writing templates so i would have a better understanding in writing a professional letter
thank you bev
Hi Bev,

Your profile says you are in UK, would this be England or one of the others?
If England, this may be of use to you and also more info on this link too

question must be,depends about what issue you wish to complain about.there are several options,ive found,for various situations,and i confess to past mastership of these things,if i can be so boastfull this once.
Please keep it to one page only.
Ignore the minor and trivial details, even if they bug you: stick to the big winnable issue where you are right and they are wrong, and whats more, you can prove it!. Start by saying what happened and how it affected you badly, continue by saying who did it and when, and finish by asking for some specific and reasonable remedy.
Works for me, every time.


Dear Director of Social Stuffies,
On Monday my beloved Auntie Meg's care worker failed to show up, and that left me having to miss the chance to attend a key job interview. As a result, I failed to get the chance of a lifetime to become the weatherperson for BBC Normalshire.

My social worker is Ms Candice Golightly and my Auntie's support is provided by DonutCare Inc.

Enough is enough. I cant live on £53 a week, and - if this sloppy performance continues - I wish to stop caring for my Auntie Meg and get a real life. Please can you let me know when you are willing to take over on a 24/7 basis, as I am hereby giving you one months notice of my intention to quit.

Yours etc,
Ms. Duracell Bunny Eveready.
thank you all for your reply`s
i live in wales and it`s concerning a social worker
thank you bev