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predictable soundbites. - Carers UK Forum

predictable soundbites.

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listening to you and yours on radio four today,i found it typical.it was not the fault of those carers who spoke on carers summit day.i comend those who did speak on the programe,well done,well said.i feel i expected far too much,but,i found the contributions were typical of typical carers.there was no attempt to cover the many differing circumstances,not one word about carers who work,get not one penny for caring for well over 40 hours each week.the programe only focussed on the image typical of the carer profile.the carer who is exclusivley just-that,a full time carer.i guess it could be as those carers who work too will be unable to get along to a summit as they are at work,well many of them,the views they have to offer just dont get heard.that does not surprise me,its very sadly too typical.
As a working carer I found it fairly easy to get to the AGM, I must have been to around ten or so of the last twenty, though I skipped it this year because of timing and because the format is getting a bit repetitive. You just take a day or two's annual leave, its probably easier than for non-working carers because you are used to juggling respite etc.
Hi Maxi,

I have not listened to that programme as yet, not sure if it will be avavilable now but will check. I thought you might like to hear some of the situations brought up at the summit..

working carers

24/7 carers

carers of pensionable age

those that care for more than one person

2 people spoke about how man and wife disabled and care for each other

young carers

several cases where in male carers felt not enough support when caring for female relatives or that they were many times viewed different.

There were many others but hopefully will give you an idea to what was discussed.
The main problem re carers is the 24/7 full time carer , and this person is generally a family member who has had to give up work , they may be a spouse , parents, children or other close relative ...
From the figures we have only 500-000 "full time 24/7 carers " we have a few problems ,which could so easerly be solved .. some of us want to return to work albeit part time , others want support with the care work , many want respite care on a regular basis, others want short breaks even just enough to "pop out for a pint" , from my own view point i want an increase in the allowance to enable me to have a decent standard of life , without paying for our care via my own private pension.. i should be rewarded for the work i do ...
For as long as i can remember the government want to please the so called middle class families who also care , money has been thrown at them for years and wasted last time round the N.H.S. pinched the cash , as far as i am concerned we dont need bits and bobs of cash turning up now and again to help the few , many carers dont even get a sniff of the cash made available , it always goes to those who know how to claim , many dont even know the cash is there ......

time after time it gets round to the house ...untill we solve the problem of long term residential social care and who pays for it the 24/7 full time carer will be ignored...
The husband and wife team who are both disabled , will sadly be one of the targets of the welafre reform, as claiming disabled benefits and carers allowance will i`m sad to say be stopped .. they may of course be of pensionable age and be in receipt of nothing anyway...
what a way to look after the elderly disabled it`s a shambles ....
Hi Maxi,

I have not listened to that programme as yet, not sure if it will be avavilable now but will check.
I listened this morning Rosemary - it is still available for a few days (do I really sound like that Image Image Image ) But Paul Burstow didn't say anything more than what he said at the summit.

Hope you got home OK and that you're not snowed in Image
Can someone point me to the link to listen to Rosemary please?
Not available D, thank God Image

Here is You and Yours.... link on right hand side for the 25-11. Forward to 12 mins and then listen
i think,its inevitable,as mainstream media likes to keep things very simple,black and white,and no gray areas in between,the carers spokesperson must be an uncomplicated full time carer,who trys to live on benefits.its simple,easy to understand,trouble-is,its not us,not who we are,not what a carer is in real time in the real world.
its not us,not who we are,not what a carer is in real time in the real world.
A carer is the person telling their story at any one time , to any person listening.
We see that so many times on this board alone. There will never be 2 situations the same. No two 24/7 carers will have the same needs and nor will two carers who both work. No wonder the whole thing is a nightmare.

Many carers need more finances, many need respite, many need support to stay in/return to work, many need all of these, and so the list goes on Image

At least on here we are all in it together Maxi, something the Coalition says we all are but they dont have a clue. We know reform is needed but they are using this excuse to make drastic cuts. However, it is the speed they are pushing it all through that horrifies me.