Power of Attorney and DNR.

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My husband's doctor turned up on Thursday afternoon unexpectedly, and said he was here to ask Brian a few questions. He first of all asked his permission to put his medical problems, medications etc on a website where all professionals could access them, ambulance, hospital etc. Ofcourse we agreex but I had assumed they would already be able to do this.
Next he asked if I had Power of Attorney for Brian, which I have along with my daughter and asked if a copy to be handed in to the surgery to be kept with his records.
He then stunned us by asking how Brian felt about not being rescusitated if he were to have another heart attack or stroke. Thank goodness my daughter was visiting at the time, as this shook me! I knew what Brian's answer would be as he has spoken about it before. The doctor then asked him if this was definitely his wishes and when Brian confirmed, he said they would draw up the DNR form and I would be given a copy to keep and show to paramedics and hospital staff.
I was very taken aback by this all and can't help wondering if they know something about his health that they haven't told us! It just came out of the blue and I am not sure if I would have the strength to stop them from attempting to resusitate him but I was told to keep it taped up where it could be seen in his bedroom. God, I hope I never have to make that decision.
I know how you feel.
My husband hasn't the capacity to make the decision. As you know I had to go down the court of Protection route.
However, many times, way before this dreadful stroke / Dementia affected us we discussed DNR. Because of his line of work he knew what it entailed. He always said don't let them do that to me! I promised I would do my best. I had to explain this to the doctor at the nursing home. It's in place now. Let's we never have to go through that. Been and going through enough aren't we!!
It's a really good idea for all this basic information to be shared by everyone, especially when a frail elderly person Is concerned. Make sure YOU have a copy too.
Soon after mum went into the nursing home, her doctor did one. I learned more from that one sheet of paper than anyone had ever told me. That her MRSA was "ongoing" for example!!!
Mum had already been asked about DNR whilst in Royal Bournemouth Hospital. I hate that hospital for various reasons, but I must say the doctor had apparently discussed it very carefully with mum, who was mentally OK, physically frail.
He explained to mum what it entailed, and used the phrase "let nature take it's course". Mum told me that was what she wanted, so I already knew in advance of the form being completed at the nursing home.
I had health and welfare POA but am very glad mum had already made her wishes very clear, so it wasn't a decision left to me.

My eldest son has POA for me already, he knows my views. I think it's so important we ALL tell our nearest and dearest what to do under these circumstances, well in advance of any crisis.
If you have an official DNR document in place you will have taken care of that situation in advance. It wouldn't surprise me if the doctor wasn't just catching up on his paperwork and that precipitated his visit to you.
We have just been through this for hubby. I am due to pick it up from GP.