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Power of Attorney.

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Talking to my Dad today and he decided that we should look ahead (just encase) we have been advised that he should appoint a "power of attorney".

He wants to appoint me, so I had a look on the internet and it comes up with a two versions.

Lasting power of attorney (LPA) or Enduring power of attorney (EPA).

What my dad wants, is for me to make all decsions on his behalf and if he does die, too sort out his financial affairs.

Any advice? Thanks.
We managed ok with STAN`S business but one thing we did slip up on was his bank account to make things easier his account became joint with the old doll therefore when he passed away his joint account was now the old doll`s acount even though she had her own account she therefore had to clear the overdraft that STAN had as he had no cash his 2 credit cards were cleared without any problems.
My sister and I have enduring power of attorney for our father, if needed, but I believe that since the Mental capacity law,there is a new procedure in place.My father is happy to know that in the even of failing mental capacity, his legal and financial affairs will be dealt with, and that my sister and I share all knowledge with dad's solicitor.And if he is okay mentally for the rest of his life, then again, no worries.

Good luck, a soliciotr or Citizens Advice would probably be able to point you in the right direction.
You can no longer take out an Enduring Power of Attorney, EPAs remain valid but you will now have to take out a Lasting Power of Attorney. The LPA gives you additional rights and responsibilities over the EPA which only covered financial affairs, including Power of Attorney over welfare-related affairs, for example health-related decisions. The form is more complicated and if I remember correctly you have to pay to register it when you take it out rather than only pay when you want to enact the Power of Attorney, I suggest that you talk to an organisation like Age Concern and I believe that they have information on their website.
It hadn't struck me that my sister and i would be responsible for health related decisions. I need to speak to the solicitor again, as my Dad has a living will, and does not want to be rescuscitated in an emergency.I don't know whether I would be the right person to make a decision on that,so we certainly need to look at that. Thank you for that info, Parsifal.
It only applies to the LPA not the EPA, I would feel the same way but it is possible that your father's living will takes legal precedence over the LPA as it was his personal decision rather than one to be taken on his behalf should he become mentally incapacitated.
A good family solicitor will not charge much to set up a power of attorney - but it may save you a fortune when it comes to use it. Every carer should insist on one.
We did this a few months ago, got an enduring power of attourny, so if my dad is not longer able to make decisions it only needs a doctor to get the ball rolling and put it in place.

It's much cheaper and quicker to set up than waiting and having to set it up in once he is unable to communicate his wishes.

I can't remember how much it was £60 springs to mind, the solicitor said it can be thousands if you wait until after the event to set up....if you see what I mean.

If you have a solicitor you trust there's the best place to start.
Nephew was £300 for his mum`s POA for financial and well being (scots law) and that was simple, done by his friendly family solicitor.

Take care