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Carers and Debt

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Hi there,
Apologies if this topic is in the wrong section and please feel free to move it Image
I've been a Carer since Oct 2009 now. I had to give up work to do so. I have no assets and no savings yet my life is still being held to ransom by a bank loan (@3k) I had whilst I was working full time. The repayment cripples me each month. I just sent this email to the CCCS who act as the middle man for the repayment:

Please can you forward me out details of how to proceed with a DRO order. I was advised earlier in the year that under the new Con/Lib Government, legislation was changing on the criteria around July time.
Essentially I cannot make ends meet on the carer's allowance and income support I receive. I am giving away one whole weeks money to the HSBC in a repayment plan which cannot be sustained.
I am effectively living in poverty through no fault of my own due to the fact that I had to give up work to look after a sick relative. My position is remotely unlikely to get any better within the next year so I am looking for solutions, counselling and help especially solutions for people who find themselves in the same boat as myself through no fault of their own. Do you guys lobby M.P's etc about this issue? Do you write to the bank on my behalf recommending a write off?
Please forward me the DRO details please.
Mr X

Has anyone got any similar experiences? I am at my wits end with this as I have nobody to advise me other than the internet. Any pointers would really help. Image

Carers UK have a helpline here

National Debtline are good too

Main thing is to get proper advice and support.

Hope this of some help to you.
I am in a similar financial position to you but couldn't apply for a Debt Relief Order as I have a works pension frozen until I am of retirement age. As far as I know a DRO may be able to help you if you do not own your home, have few assets and little available income to pay your creditors. It is a cheaper option than bankruptcy. If your DRO application is successful, most creditors cannot take action to recover your debts for 12 months. The debts are then written off after the 12 months are up.
I use the CCCS and they have been a great help. They helped me set up a debt management plan setting a realistic monthly repayment to cover all my creditors (one of them being HSBC - who eventually sold on my loan debt). Try not to panic, there are thousands dealing with debt - many of them carers who have unfortunately had to give up work.
Good luck and all the best.
Thanks Rosemary for those links.
Farmer, you sound like you are in a very similar position to me. I was informed though that the frozen pension element that also ruled me out form the DRO application the first time, has been dropped (or it going to be dropped) as an application criterion purely because of the farce that it was.
I'm trying to get some clarification on whether this did get through parliament before the summer recess and contacted CCCS yesterday. I'll see what their reply is and report back.
In the past i used to advise many people on their debt problems .. i have lost touch with legislation over the years but D.R.O`s I.V.A.`s are what most people look at, have you considerd a debt management plan the C.C.C.S will set this up for you , it is based on your budget simple as that you only pay what your personal budget will allow you to pay ... and if the creditors refuse bankruptcy aint such a bad thing these days .. if you dont own a home or an expensive car and have no assets at all what can you lose ..they cant put you in jail can they .. all creditors will accept something even a few quid a week ,, but you must of course make sure the charges and interest are frozen or the debt will never go down ,,,,remember if you have private pensions bankruptcy can affect them ..advice is what you need ... but dont worry and you should never ever lose sleep over something like this ..

http://www.cccs.co.uk/InfoCentre/Englan ... l=lnk_ic_1
Have you considered doing what the UK and US government are doing? And they are trillions in debt, they are the real experts.
Print money!
Just a thought.
But dont ever, for one moment, feel ashamed - there is no guilt attached to debt these days. It is simply a technical issue.
I haven't got an adequate printing machine Scally. Only a colour printer & scanner Image
Shucks, thats that option blown! Do you have any kind uncles who might help you out?
We ended up declaring bankruptcy almost 6 years ago as I had to pack in work to care for my Mum, I was also caring for my daughter before that and still am, basically what happened to us was we needed to move back to my home town for family support when my daughter was 3, we moved into a rented house from a mortgaged one, tried selling the house but it didnt budge and we were struggling to make repayments and also rent so handed the keys back, there was a shortfall of £34,000 which we were pursued for and in the end we had to admit defeat and go bankrupt ro all our money would have gone on paying the shortfall, we had an insurance in case we got repossessed so in effect the B&B got the money but still chased us for it as well!

We had to move and the move was the best thing we did, its hard for 6 years but we cope and no debt Image
Im 51 am a carer of 2 people 24/7 it was 3 till my brother died. I have no savings, no retirement fund cant get a loan cos Im on a carers Pittance ( payment) if onlythe govt would pay me the 300,000 dollars for the last 3 years ( minimum wage) thats what i should be getting if i was recognised as a worker which carers are not.
that plus overtime/etc sighhhhhhhhhhhn no wonder even my dentist thinks i need anti depressants