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Power of Attorney

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When Mark was here, we had both types of POA - one for financial things and the other for care decisions - just to make sure. We both had them for each other.
I think we are finally back on track, after brother had various things "notarised" in Uruguay and sent them back to the solicitor, most importantly confirmation that he still wanted me to be his Attorney. Right at the beginning of my brother's problems I rang the solicitor saying that I'd been a customer of their for 40+ years, and really needed as much help as possible to get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible, but that hasn't worked so far! Still, eldest son and I have had a busy few days. One of my brother's vintage motorbikes has been sold to a friend for a wonderful price. Another is provisionally sold to another acquaintance; and the other four will hopefully be sold to a long term friend on Wednesday. I've gone through every scrap of paperwork, shredded everything obsolete, and have a manageable "to do" pile, so now I'm in control again, and feeling a bit happier.
Gosh, what a nightmare this is for you bowlingb - and you dont really need any of it ATM
I must say how impressed I am at the way you have got things organised
I hope the solicitors get things organised too.
Mum has just rewritten her will because of my brother's illness, so we both saw the senior partner of the solicitors on friday, and I now understand much more about the differences between the older and newer types of POA, so thought I'd pass the info on as it might affect others. With the older type, which all our family have, anyone with mental capacity could simply sign a form at the solicitors which was immediately useable. Should they subsequently loose their mental capacity, it then needed to be sent off to be "registered" but it still applied. The newer type POA's are different. They are more expensive to set up and have to be "registered" before they can be used. The solicitor said it would cost about £750 in total for all the work for a newer type. The newer type cover health decisisons as well as financial matters. When mum was seriously ill in hospital the doctors wouldn't discuss things with me because I didn't have a newer type POA, so I think we will set up one of those. We may have to anyhow, as the solicitor's can't find the original copy of mum's existing POA which would be needed if registration was required!