Postural hypertension eg low blood pressure when standing

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Because hubby is blind he sits down when having a pee (oh too much information, glad he can't read this ). I am so grateful for all the comments and helpful suggestions on this forum, its good to have people to 'chat' to, it makes being a carer not such a lonely existence. Thank you all xx
Hello... I suffer from postural hypotension and I'm on medication to raise my BP. Getting out of bed, or standing from a chair etc can be quite problematic. I faint at the drop of a hat and if I don't faint, I'm often very nauseous and dizzy.

The water is very good advice. If possible, the colder and icier the better. I keep a small plastic bottle in the freezer, it defrosts slowly, especially at this time of the year and it helps to raise the BP a little....What I would add is when your husband sits up. Do it in stages. Keep a couple of extra pillows, so he can sit up gradually.

Once in sitting position, put the legs to the ground slowly. If he's able, before standing, whilst still sitting on the bed, tap heel to floor, toe to floor....toe, heel, toe, heel. This helps the blood to circulate and pump around the body. It also helps to clench buttocks and thighs in and out. (It's part of Tilt Table training to raise the BP).

The same can be done when he's been sat down for a while. Prior to standing, tap the feet, rub his hands together etc.

I can't say it's the same for your husband but with myself, my blood tends to pool in the lower extremities and as it's not adequately circulated around my system. So the tilt table training helps to keep it flowing so to speak.

Hope this helps.
Thank you for your advice will get hubby to try this.
Ladybird, thank you! WHever I've heard it on the likes of Holby City, I hear it as 'brachy'! Now, all I've got to do is think up a good way of remembering which is fast and which is slow!! :)