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Postural hypertension eg low blood pressure when standing - Carers UK Forum

Postural hypertension eg low blood pressure when standing

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Hi I haven't been on here for a while. Hubby went completely blind 7 years ago due to diabetic retinopathy also had a triple bypass 12 years ago, which resulted in heart failure due to many complications post op. He now suffers with his blood pressure dropping very low on standing which results in him having had bouts of crashing to the floor, not had one of these for about six month, this morning he had another one of these resulting in cutting his head and arm. Once again the ambulance came and got him up and bandaged the cuts. Since this happened this morning i am feeling very stressed,waiting for it to happen again every time he moves. Has anyone experienced caring for someone with this problem?
Is he getting up too quickly? When I've been in hospital for an operation, staff always say to sit up and wait a while before trying to stand.
Hi yes I think that he starts to walk too soon, so now I have told him to count to 50 when standing before moving then hopefully his BP will have risen to a safe level. Thanks for your reply ☺
Yes, my daughter had it. It is very alarming and in my experience, the medical services didn't take it too seriously. My daughter was admitted to hospital as her BP was 58/48! So when sitting up to eat she fainted. The trick was to drink water to raise the blood pressure a bit. They gave her a drip and within the hour she was ok at 100/50 and could stand. Drinking water is essential (like 3 pints a day) to help the body not lose blood pressure and adjust to standing.

Hope this helps.
Thank you Terry for you comments. it's reassuring to know that there are others who have similar problems. Life can be very lonely and stressful as a carer but this forum is a lifeline ☺
had exactly the same problem with my Mum !

answer is same as the others have already said - don't stand up too quickly and make sure your OH is getting enough to drink.

I used to take Mum a cup of tea first thing in the morning and wouldn't let her get up until she had sat on the side of the bed and drunk her tea first.
I'll echo the drinking bit in a different context. I am on high bp pills to lower my bp, and once I just couldn't remember if I'd taken them, so took them then, then remembered I HAD taken them earlier - ie, I'd double dosed myself! I phoned the NHS Direct (still there in those days) and asked what to do, and they said, just drink lots of water to ensure the blood volume stays high, and therefore my bp won't drop too much.

By the way, only a slight point, but I think you probably mean postural hypotension, ie, low blood pressure???. Hypertension is high bp. Very confusing. bad enough in print, let alone when it's spoken aloud, to tell the difference! 'Brachy' and 'tachy' are similarly confusing - eg, brachycardia - one means 'fast' and the other 'slow', but they sound very similar in speech, and anyway, I can never remember which one is which!

I don't know whether this would be of the slightest help at all, but could your husband 'practise falling safely'?? I can remember in drama classes at school we were taught how to swoon (!!!). Basically, you twist your legs so that you 'fold sideways' down to the ground, rather than just 'keel over'. That said, of course, with no vision, sadly, balance is even harder to attain.

I do appreciate how very scary and alarming fainting is, but, when you think about it, it is a safety mechanism for the body, to stop the brain starving of oxygen, so it is a 'good' thing in that sense. (But not when you thump down on to something unforgiving).
It's a close one indeed Jenny but it's bradycardia, meaning a slow heart rate, tachycardia is the fast one.

Interesting and useful advice on this thread, helpful to yours truly at the moment. I had no idea about keeping up adequate fluid intake :shock: .
Hi Jenny - yes silly me I get my hypo and hyper's mixed up, thanks for pointing this out. That is useful information about drinking fluids to keep the BP level up, will make sure hubby has enough drinks during the day. Apparently he does not remember when he falls, says remembers walking to the bathroom, next thing he is on the floor, seems like this is a faint due to low BP without any warning. I wonder if his medication would be doing this, he is on 2mg of Perindopril, for heart failure, which lowers BP. Normal BP is 125/70 but when he stands it goes to 80/50, eventually going back up. Trouble is weighing up the positives for treating heart failure against low BP I guess. Maybe a chat with GP would be a good idea.
Take care, regards Hilary
I can half remember something about men standing up, urinating, and fainting, I think it changes the blood pressure. If this was the case with your husband, could you persuade him to have a pee sat down? It would be a good idea to ask the GP of course, he needs to know if it is connected with urination.