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Can anyone advise please - Carers UK Forum

Can anyone advise please

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We are on day 4 of no hot water, just had to clean my son from top to bottom covered in pooh with wipes, boiling water on the cooker to fill a small bath.
We have a combi boiler that has continually broken down since it was installed 4yrs ago, sometimes we are freezing in winter.
Anyway Baxi has no priority call out so waiting 3-5 days is the norm.
We recently were awarded a warmfront grant and a new boiler was part of the assessment, however the grant does not cover the full cost so they are asking for £1000 from us.
We don't have this money.
I think Baxi should give us compensation for all the misery and poor service we have received.
The engineer is due here on Wednesday but sometimes they have fixed it and by the same evening it has broken down again.
It really is the most miserable situation having to clean my son who as well as his autism has gut problems with no running hot water. Hot water is a major priority here.
I am afraid to say that it will mean yet another fight. Ours did the same, when our children were young, and DSS would not give us a loan or a grant to get a new one. We eventually managed to get a bank loan, but are still paying it back, years later, because we had to put it on hold for two years, due to our finances.Two of our three children were still wetting the bed, so hot water was also a priority to us. I was using saucepans to warm water for the bath. (not very safe in itself, but what else could I do?)DSS said that hot water was not an essential.

Your MP might be a good place to start, always providing he is looking forward, and not over his shoulder at present! What about Social Services?Have you had a carers Assessment, and do you have a Social Worker you could ask to support you?

I hope you do have some good luck. I am sure that others will come on here and have more knowledge than I do.
This is a dreadful way for you to be living Vicky, no-one should have to cope without hot water in your situation.

I can only agree with LazyD and suggest your MP, Social Services or maybe CAB can point you in the right direction. What about emailing Watchdog? I really think that Baxi should be providing you with a new boiler now, not still trying to fix one that obviousbly cannot be fixed.

Good luck and I am so sorry that you have to fight for this, it doesn't seem right at all to me.

Watchdog or The Judge at the Sunday Mail newspaper should be able to sort BAXI out on your behalf. Surely social services can do something to move them along as there are obvious health risk issues with your situation.

Good luck

Take care
Tell social services, they might be able to help.
I'm hoping that this will be sorted for you soon, Vicky x
Thanks everyone for the great advice, looks like I will be using it, they fixed it yesterday and it has broken down again today Image
Been meaning to thank everyone who replied to this, spoke to them and used all the suggestions here, Watchdog, Social Services, Hygiene etc.
Monday they put a new top of the range boiler in for free Image
So Baxi not all bad but CUK even better, that's what I call real practical help.
Brilliant news.

Glad to hear Baxi saw sense in the end.

Take care
Good result Vicky.