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All diabetics visiting the royal lancaster infermary check double and tripple check all food if unsure DO NOT EAT.

since i have been my Farthers carer (10 months) he has refused to go into hospital several times but between myself and the dr we have convinces him to go in twice.

the first time he went in with sugars off the chart. promptly a few hours after arriving his dinner came. the desert had no diabetic red sticker so after being assured that he can eat it he had stroke like symptoms for several hours which have further damages his heart and have cause emotional problems as his biggest fear in life has always been to be for a lack of a better word "a vegatable" being able to think but unable to comunicate these thoughts or to even move or act upon them.

Guess what his sugars that were now down to 24 went back off the chart again too. Hmm sounds a bit dodgy to me...

during this visit they also refused him breakfast when he was on a high dose of insulin and his sugars dropped quite low.

The second time he went in even though we've previously had words with people about the food issues he got given 3 full sugar meals but on the third day the food got sent up with the menue and you could tell that some-one had peeled off the lable on the menue that said he was diabetic.

how hard is it to understand that when a diabetic had sugars of 26 + if they are given alot of sugar it could kill themor even worse.please check all food if your sent to the RLI and dont take it for granted that the kitchens/nurses have common sence.
this applies elsewhere too. My husband and younger son have been in Withybush Hospital, in Pembrokeshire, and their Diabetes unable to be monitored correctly. In fact, my younger son's admission was for ketoacidosis, high blood sugars through non-compliance of his diabetes regime, so they should have been supporting him to stabilise his control,and cope with his depression. They actually asked him what they should do for low blood sugar when it dropped, as they did not know how to treat it.My younger son was also in Shrewsbury hospital once, and they had the wrong information about him, even though he was wearing a medicalert bracelet. Thankfully a family member corrected it, and we got up there as soon as we could.(the hospital had not bothered with the contacts on the Medicalert bracelet).

My husband has several times been hypoglycaemic(low blood sugar), returning from operating theatre,which means that his sugars cannot have been monitored correctly whilst he was under anaesthetic.

My elder son was in Singleton hospital, Swansea for surgery, and my husband was with him. They forgot to give my son his supper(insulin dependent and Downs Syndrome).My husband had to take him to the staff canteen.
Lazydaisy it is so stupid when you can't trust fully trained nurses and doctors with our loved one's. just imagin what must happen to thoughs who don't have people to check or who don't have the awareness to check.