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My Social Services file

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I've had long running problems with Social Services investigating problems with my son's carers. For a long time it's seemed as if letters etc. have been written without referring back to any of the past history, so in August I made a "Subject Access Request" asking to see the file for the last 6 years. 1407 sheets of paper have just arrived, in two files. At least 500 have no dividers between any of them, all jumbled up in date order, 2008 on one page, 2012 on the next one. When I queried this with the Complaints Officer, I was told that they didn't have time to sort them out! Little wonder staff are just ignoring what has gone on in the past. Some crucial information I've given them appears to be missing, which I've long suspected. One staff member has written things which we totally untrue (which I can prove). Not sure where I go from here, in a way I wish it hadn't arrived just before Christmas. I'd urge anyone in a similar position to ask fora copy of their file.
And yet your own example should act as a cautionary tale: I don't know how much time you have to rake through the past, but as a carer mine is in short supply: as the proverb says "Life is too short to stuff a mushroom!"
Why not bin the whole lot, and start the new year - in good Scottish tradition, with a meeting, a handshake, and a clean sheet of paper?
Can't do that...yet...Scally. Won't go into the complexities just now, but I really needed it to prove some things. My son moved into "Supported Living" almost seven years ago, it's been a great success in some ways but a disaster in others. I'm now on the home straight of getting things absolutely sorted once and for all, not only for M but for a lot of others with LD too. I have a 44 gallon drum at home which we use an incinerator. Nothing will give me greater pleasure that to incinerate the whole lot eventually, but I may need some of it as legal evidence first.

when S was younger and fostered, I needed info for his life story. He was unallocated at the time and the duty worker didn't have time to find the info I needed so my fostering social worker went to the disabled team's offices to find out the information. It took her hours as his file was a shambles too - all muddled and some of the info was incorrect - I know because some of it concerned the dates S came to me ... They also managed to lose his birth certificate, spell his name wrong on numerous documents and failed to carry out many of the tasks that they were supposed to do in loco parentis ... we are still struggling because of their inefficiency.

I just hate the idea of being "unallocated". In the middle of some really serious problems I was told M was no longer going to have a SW as he had moved to residential care - I told the SW concerned that if they did that I'd make an immediate complaint. Surely anyone with special needs should have a named person to call? We are all people, not baked bean cans, and need to be treated as such.
I have a huge files of stuff which I dont dare discard. It is so sad that I have absolutely no faith in SS.
If I have have the energy I will write a book about our experiences. I really dont think anyone would believe it!
I think you'd find we would Daisy Image
The major problem in these kind of situations is that fact that large institutions lick Social Work and NHS will pick a fight in an empty houe. They are so worried about being sued that they will lie no matter what evidence an individual they will still lie. If you go to court the will produce so many people who will all stick to the corporate lie. It is bullying which is unacceptable. Bullying people with care needs or those who care for them is the lowest of the low and that would be my description of both these institutions. You can never catch a liar they will just tell more lies.

Little Lamb
I just hate the idea of being "unallocated".
Bowlingbun, unless we are fighting to get something, I love S being unallocated ... means the b*****a leave us in peace!! However it is often used as an excuse for things not being done and for SS not being accountable/trying to wriggle out of things. There are a handful of good SW out there, but they don't last long and these days they can't breathe without permission from their managers (who have all graduated from the school of "how-to-not-spend-ANY-of-the-budget.)

Cynical, but sadly true.

There are long standing problems which simply cannot be ignored any more.