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Thanks for posting, Juggler, I hate the fact there are so many different companies around! It's not just about getting the best price, for me customer service is really important and of course you don't usually know how it is until you have a problem for them to sort out.
Thanks Juggler
I need to think about sorting out best company. Hubby always did that sort of thing. Now I have to get on with it myself.
I'm afraid I just stick with the 'standard tarriff' because that way they send me bills every quarter, AFTER I've already used the electricity or gas, so I know exactly what I've used, and therefore what I owe. Sometimes they send me estimated bills (they often don't even bother to try and read the metre)(I think I read somewhere they only legally have to read it once a year!), but then I just phone in my actual usage, and wait for the 'corrected' bill.

I really, really, really hate paying a 'regular sum' and then having it 'adjusted' at the end of the year (if that!), because I only like to pay for what I've used.

There are so many nightmare stories about how 'impossible' it is to get refunds for overpayment, or stopping bills being sent even when you've moved to another supplier.

in the end, the retail cost of electricity /gas depends on the wholesale price, and none of the suppliers give you a discount for that - only for things like 'dual supply' and 'fixed price' (ie, gambling on the future cost of wholesales electricity!), and 'monthly payments' blah blah blah.

I'm longing for the day when were are all 'mini-generators' ourselves (windmills and solar panels on the roof etc), and not by 'selling back our own electricity into the National Grid, but by using it directly ourselves (and storing it in batteries overnight) etc.