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Possible help...? (Jobcentre appointment related) - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Possible help...? (Jobcentre appointment related)

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Thank you to everyone who replied.

After doing a lot of searching and also with the wonderful advice posted here, it seems I am 100% within my rights to refuse these appointments without fear of sanction.

The problem is, these people are trained Snake Oil salespeople. As I said in my original post (I think) they conveniently rename these things as "Help & Support" or "Carer's Support Interview". The first one I went to (a group meeting) was literally 10 mins of "here's what help is available to carers" and the other 40 mins was about "how rewarding it is to be in work". I worked most of my adult life (I'm now 46) and it's only since the beginning of the year that I've had to stop work to look after Mum full time. If anybody knows how rewarding work is then I think it's me (and others too, obviously) and, on top of all the other stresses and strains of daily life, I don't need some propaganda spinning moron trying to make me feel bad because I'm trying to give my mother some dignity! (Sorry! Rant over!)

Once again, thank you so much to all who've offered help and advice...

I look forwards to chatting with you all further :)
I suspect they get some kind of government money for every person they get back into work, so that is all they care about.

It's essential, as others here also entangled with SS etc know only too well, to do two thigns. As you say, research comprehensively so you can quote chapter and verse of ALL the regulations and legislation - AND, to MINUTE every conversation you have with them, whether face to face of over the phone.

EVERY conversation needs to be followed up by an email to them saying: 'To confirm the matter discussed in your phone call to me of 3.15pm, 25th March, you state to me....I state to you....' etc etc.

That puts the onus on THEM to write back and 'contest' it if they want. If they don't contest it, it's YOUR email that 'stands'.

Remember, they will 'lose correspondence' like crazy (it's amazing how many letters never seem to reach the right people - can't think why!)(ok, some is probably genuine incompetence, but a LOT is 'conveniently mislaid/misdirected to another department), but emails CANNOT be deleted or lost! (If you do every write an actual letter to them, it's worth paying the extra for signed-receipt and next day delivery, etc etc, so they can't claim you didn't send it!).

Remember too, they will filibuster. 'Delaying' is worth money to them. The longer they can delay things, the less money they have to fork out (even if they then have to back date it, it's been in their bank account for longer, and looks better on their books)!. My neice, who gets NHS counselling, routinely is informed that 'she hasn't answered a letter telling her about an appointment, and therefore she's gone to the back of the queue again'.....this is simply to delay her sessions, which saves them money.

It's all pathetic, exasperating and par for the course in these days of austerities etc etc.
The decision maker of DWP tend not to sign their names to letters any more, in my experience.
I used to be on Incapacity Benefit for many years.

I am now over 65 and get State Pension.

But the transition from Incapacity Ben to ESA was a minefield of bad practice from the DWP.

Finally, just short of four months of my 65th birthday I saw an extremely helpful ATOS Doctor.

Shortly thereafter I got back pay of ESA covering a period of about 7 months.


The incentives for the DWP staff to get all benefit claimants ( including carers who are paid CA ) to " Find " work for some reward may not stop just there.

Turning to PIP applicants , rumours abound that the contractors carrying out the assessments are paid a commission over and above their contracted fee for those they reject.

Perhaps one reason why outside contractors are used as opposed to trained medical staff with no other incentitive other to judge the claimant on medical grounds , and their ultimate welfare if demned " Fit " ( not necessarily able ) to move over / return to the workplace.

Purely rumours but , believable , and not out of line with any Government thinking.


You can find much of the same all over the place, so your claims are certainly believable.. after all they would not had undertaken the contract if there was not money to be made.

The deductions made by a couple of contacts I have known for years in what used to be called " Fleet Street. "

Getting hard evidence , even in todays information overloaded society , is difficult ... more so from Governmental Departments ... some of the more recent " Leaks " as opposed to " Whispers " can be subject to a frenzy of activity , including calling in favours owed by other parts of the media , to plug them before too much damage is done to whichever Ministry is involved.

One lesson well learnt from recent history .... Watergate / Nixon / The Plumbers.

The leaking of what is now called " The Panama Papers " caught most of our media out , the effects of which are still being felt today across the world. One contact said that she had not seen so much " Fun " in years with each newspaper contacting the other to find out more information !

Even The Eye tends to report more whispers than leaks which illustrates just how the System tends to prioritise the secrecy of certain information having been caught with their trouusers down in the past.

Ian Hislop's testimony to the Levenson Enquiry on press freedom is very revealing in this respect. Still available on You Tube , explains fully The Eye's own procedures when dealing with something juicy that comes into them from whatever source.

Given the DWP is involved , and vital to the Government's economic strategy , hard evidence to support unorthodox practices would be akin to finding gold which could lead to major political fallout if not further loss in confidence in the whole System.