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politics.a carers voice in parliament.

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JohnRJ wrote
So i will have no luck there asking her about carer's, but having said that Ester Ranson in standing in my local area so i can ask her what her policy will be on carer's.

Same here John my MP is not much help, he is retiring shortly too, he has always claimed the full maxim of £400 allowance for food etc, and had it pointed out to him several times that £400 is a maxim, never submitted a reciept to even prove that he has spent the money. Good ridence!!!

I think Esther Ranson will be all for carers I'm pretty sure she one of the celebs that has supported carers in the past.
mps who are of no help to carers either are clueless asto the needs and or ignorant of the fact carers do so much for a disgustingly low carers allowance.it actually increases the validity of the case for a carer or former carer to stand for election.who better,after all,to raise the profile of carers issues than a carer?. Image
Hi Maxi

What you say is true and i don't disagree with you.

But a candidate on a single matter it wont work (ie) you could have a farmer standing on behalf of farmers and mostly it would be only farmers who voted for that person.

Yes a person that got a national vote might get voted in but every MP is only local so you will only get your local carer's voting for that person sorry it wont work.

I think it might be more a case of a carer standing might attract some publicity in the national media and raise awareness of the plight of carers - whether or not they were elected.
Hi Cherish

Yes you may be right give it a try any publicity in good.

I agree with Cherish that a carer standing for election would generate media interest and therefore help raise public awareness of the issues which in turn can influence government policy but also if a carer stood for example in a marginal constituency where even a few votes can make a difference to the outcome it could force the major parties to look at their policies for carers.

In theory..with a downward slope and the wind in the right direction lol Image
We have a lovely gentleman on this site who stood for his local council as an Independent too.He had cared for his wife.In a short space of time Norman did very well, the number of votes he got.
You can read Norman's story over on the main site. Click here.
Thanks for that link Chris.I could not find it Image Image
i think i could stand up for carers,, but am i tooo blunt for soemthing like that? saying that im so gullable wouldnt survive lol
Oh JohnRJ your so right.i vote for a variety of issues and on various topics,and for candidate who is with a party.but theres room for an independant.indeed even under the first past the post system.we have seen one or two get through.the general loathing many feel after the mps expences row may well have put voters off the party politician.the time for the independant may have come.maybe not.but anything can happen.