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politics.a carers voice in parliament. -Carers UK Forum

politics.a carers voice in parliament.

Share information, support and advice on all aspects of caring.
it maybe a non-starter as we carers have not the time to do it,but i think,with the mps expences fiasco showing-up a very ugly culture at westminster,and the likes of ester rantzen,martin bell and chums,etc entering the frey and standing as independants in 2010,with a weary cynicle electorate cheesed-off with party-politics,maybe its time for indpendants to be heard.a carers candidate or candidates,might-well be timly for 2010.

certainly i urge all carers to do two things at least.vote ofcourse,ensuring your registered to do so,the postal vote enables carers and cared for to be more empowered to vote,so do opt for it,if it helps.

secondly,question all candidates seeking your vote asto just what they and their parties have on the manifesto for carers.if anything.

we must be asking these questions every time.every oppotunity.i do.

we elect these folks,we should inform them about the needs of carers,and be informed of their policies. Image

I have always voted but I really don't think that any of the parties give a damn about carers (or disabled people to be honest) so I can understand why some people don't vote. My disabled son has never voted - he says he doesn't see the point as nothing will ever change for him no matter who he votes for. I don't agree with his choice not to vote but I do support his right not to.

We have a lovely gentleman on this site who stood for his local council as an Independent too.He had cared for his wife.In a short space of time Norman did very well, the number of votes he got.
Bring on the General Election, so we can give some of these parasites the kicking they deserve.I know we will only be replacing one lot of "non-believers" with another,but at least we can vent our frustration on them when they come crawling for our votes.Come on brothers and sisters,get your size 9 steel toe capped boots on, and get stuck in. Image Image
A pity that each local carers group could not put forward a member/former carer as an Independent for councils in their own area.

I agree ask your local candidate about what they are prepared to do about caring.

But independent candidates for carer's is a no goer.

People are not interested in what happens to carer's until it affects them.

I knew very little about caring till it affected me i didnt realize i was caring for my mother in law all those years ago we never claimed anything didnt know we could and also when we cared for my mum we knew nothing about carer's allowance nobody told us.

When i gave up work due bad health and had to care for my wife i was not told then even i found out by chance but couldn't claim it as i was on ICB. then when i retired i still cant get it.

So i don't think a carer candidate would get many vote's it would only be the people caring that would know what he or she was standing for outside caring few people know or care (not meant as a pun) about those that are worse off than themselves it's dog eat dog out in the wide world.

I don't know the answer to what we should do if i did i would put thing's right.

But independent carer candidates it a wast of the deposit.
We had local council elections a couple of months ago, and I asked one of the candidates how he would support me, as a Carer. He had no idea what a Carer was, and after I told him, he said,"I have done a lot in the community, and I love helping children!" I hadn't even mentioned children.
i think that a carers candidate would,at least,raise the profile of carers.highlight what issues carers face every day.

maybe former carers might be more able to stand for election, Image
This would be a really good idea, not least because I am really concerned that things might be even worse under the Conservatives than under Labour. My experience is that they seem to have little interest in changing things / improving things for carers. A different prospective Conservative MP, Mark, (not in my constituency) took forward my question about what the Cons would do for carers to Malcolm Morton. I am a traditionally Labour voter but I know Mark from my teenage years.

Malcolm Morton (who appears to be the man concerned with carers, I imagine) came back with "We will ensure that every person who cares for someone else has the right to request flexible working hours." We already have this right. It really concerns me that carers' issues must be very low down on his agenda if he doesn't know this.

I am a labour supporter well up to the last election.

I don't have an MP i can go to mine as gone into hiding since the expenses problem started she as not been seen we are told it's due to ill health who am i to question that.

When i had asked for help about what had really happened to my wife in hospital all she did was send a copy of the letter that i had sent her the one that i had been sent by the hospital and with this letter she wrote i hope this explains to you what happened don't hesitate to contact me if you need further help.

So i will have no luck there asking her about carer's, but having said that Ester Ranson in standing in my local area so i can ask her what her policy will be on carer's.

But a carer candidate no it wont work sorry to say but that's a fact.