Lack of assistance

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Hello there,

I am at a loss as to what much needed help there is for me locally from carers charities and that is even after searching for it several years ago.

I also find it disgraceful that I had to pay for a dropped curb and drive-way myself, which was for the safety of my disabled autistic son in getting in and out of the house for car journeys as he doesn't see road danger, when there is supposed to be help out there for me? but that help is not on the front-line where we need it.

I pay my council tax, as a family we pay our relevant car and road taxes, I don't have a criminal record, I have worked for and constantly have given to charities but when I needed help the most I was failed.
Hi Lee
I had a quick google for you and came across this page ... grant.html

Have you tried applying to your council for a Disabled Facilities Grant?