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Poems and Quotes

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A poem that I read on a card - it is very empowering

Hang in There

Sometimes there are bad days
when life becomes a fight,
And all that you can do
is to hang on in there tight.

They say it builds your character
when your world gets rough,
But you didn't need to build yours
you have character enough.

Remember dawn comes after darkness
and the fiercest storms don't last,
In the future this hard present
will become a distant past.

So here's a simple message
I hope that you will heed it,
I'm always here to help you
if you ever need it.
"Sleep is an excellent way of listening to an opera."
- James Stephens (1882-1950)

Had to do it!
My Gift To You

I dont have much to offer but what I have is yours without question.
I give my hand to hold when you need someone to talk to,
I give my shoulder when you need somewhere to rest your weary head.
I give my heart to surround you with love and warmth.
And,to you I give my eyes,
to help see you through the darkness and times of trouble.

These things are my gift to YOU

by Hal Hensley
These were on 2 fridge magnets from my friend in the US

There's a wonderful thing that money can't buy
A blessing that's rare and true....
And that's the gift of a wonderful friend
Like the friend I have in you

A woman is like a teabag....
You'll never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water!

My favourite fridge magnet saying is...

Fatten up your friends, it will make you look slimmer!
This poem is taken from a Caregiver/Carer's Ecard, therefore I am sending these sentiments for all Carers Image

The work you quietly do
week after week is phenomenal
Day in day out you show your commitment
as a Carer.
You regularly give of yourself
patiently and genorously,
in ways that are often unseen by others
As you perform your chores,
many of which are thankless
you demonstrate what love is all about
Know this: you are admired for what you do
which is a reflection of who you are.

A Caregiver’s Affirmation

I believe in the power and beauty of self-forgetful love.

I believe it shows itself right in our midst, and further that it’s showing itself right in our time as you so faithfully provide the caregiving you do, day after day, night after night.

I believe this unassuming selflessness shows itself each time you tenderly do your caring, despite feeling winded or weary; each time you manage countless caregiving details, in addition to all your other responsibilities; each time you so freely perform your duties out of love that others would not perform for a much higher price.

I believe your openhearted spirit can be a model for all of us, for you show us the potential of what life can be:

In quietly persevering with another, ordinary days can contain extraordinary moments, not soon to be forgotten.

In patiently witnessing what another is experiencing, common lives can be enriched and ennobled, lives never be the same again.

And in lovingly accepting how others are dealing with all they face, ordinary relationships can be enhanced and enlarged, relationships grounded in equality and respect.

I believe that as a caregiver you have much to teach all of us.

You teach us that remaining steadfast when another needs us is more than an act of compassionâ€â€
"Great things are done
more through courage than through wisdom."

German Proverb


It takes courage to deal with
all that is yours to deal with these days,
and more than courage.
It also takes determination, patience,
and inner strength.
So much that you do day after day
is done without fanfare.
Others usually do not appreciate
all the effort that it takes.
Know there are those of us around you
who are struck by your fortitude and grace
as you navigate your way through
these days.
Even if you do not ask for our respect,
you have it.
Lovely Lola, thanks for posting it, made me feel better Image
Lovely Lola, thanks for posting it, made me feel better Image
Thank you Myrtle Image The words are applicable to all Carers - I think it is about time that Carers were taken seriously and given the respect & recognition for what they do as well.

Enjoy the weekend everybody!

This was in my cross stitch magazine today

Smile and the world smiles with you
Snore and you sleep alone Image
"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."
- groucho marx

How true is that? Image
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