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Poems and Quotes

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I need a short verse to write in my friend's wedding card, she is getting married at Caerphilly Castle so can any of you clever lot write a verse for me please to include the venue? I'm hopeless at writing poems.

Thank you
Blue xx
I have spent some time today going through stuff I had put away when my mam died.These 2 verses had been saved by her from magazine articles.There were many others but I would like to share these 2 with members here...

This one is from TVTimes Christmas 1987 by E M Snelling North London.

Blessed are those who understand
My faltering step and shaking hand:

Blessed are they who know my ears today
Must strain to catch the things they say:

Blessed are they who seem to know
My eyes are dim,my mind is slow:

Blessed are they with cheery smile
Who stop to chat for a little while:

Blessed are they that make it known
I'm loved, respected and not alone.


It does not say which magazine this next one from......

Persons are the gifts of God to me.They are already wrapped,some beautifully and others less attractively.
Some have been mishandled in the mail: others come " Special Delivery ".
Some are loosely wrapped: others very tightly enclosed.

But the wrapping is not the gift,and this is an important realization.It is so easy to
make a mistake in this regard, to judge the contents by the cover.

Sometimes the gift is opened very easily,sometimes the help of others is needed.
Maybe it is becuase they are afraid,maybe they have been hurt before and dont want to be hurt again.It could be that they were once opened and then discarded.They may now feel like "things" than "human persons".

I am a person: like everyone else I too am a gift.God filled me with a goodness that is only mine.And yet sometimes I am afraid to look inside my wrapping.Maybe I am afraid I would be disappointed.Maybe I dont trust my own contents.Or it may be simply that I have never really accepted the gift that I am.

Every meeting and sharing of persons is an exchange of gifts.
My gift is me: your gift is you.
We are gifts to each other.
Thank you for sharing those beautiful & inspirational verses Rosemary

Take Care
Pearl posted a lovely poem today and several members got in touch to ask about bringing this thread back to the top again.

Ask and ye shall receive Image Image

For those that have not read this thread before,make a cuppa before you get comfy.Pages and pages to read.
Thank you Rosemary. Think I'll go and make that cuppa now and get my box of tissues.
and get my box of tissues.
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There was a writer at my Carer Group who asked everyone to close their eyes for five minutes and think about being a Carer.
Once we'd done that, she asked us to write our thoughts down and here's what I wrote...

Thoughts on caring…

Caring isn’t easy.

It’s an attitude and a way of life with many changes along the way,
from shock and confusion to anger and eventually acceptance.

Once you reach the acceptance stage you can then build a life back up.
It’s not the life you had; it’s an alternative lifestyle – not worse just different.
The rules and time zones of the old life don’t fit anymore so you need to make new ones and once you’ve made peace with the changes and achieved this, you’ve cracked it!

There’s still the struggle of crisis to content with but you find your own way to cope and move forward.

Everyone is on a journey and Carers are no different.
Their journey is just more closely entwined with another person’s than most others.

The journey is not less fruitful than a single traveler it’s just they’re traveling on a wider and more diverse pathway.

Marie x
Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.

Her husband looked on, but remained silent. .
Sensible bloke. We get married for all kind of reasons, but the main lesson we learn for a quiet life is to stay schtumm. Me, I think we should all become Muslims and do the socially responsible thing by taking on a new wife every seven years or so... just to keep them all on their toes... Image
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